Winter warming interior designs

When it comes to getting ready for a cold and blustery winter, changing summer cottons for woolly knits is a definite requirement. Preparing the home for wintertime may not be the first thought as the temperature falls, but taking a few steps to getting interiors ready for winter will ensure the home remains a cozy refuge throughout the long, dark season.

Beating the winter chill

The key to maintaining a warm interior during the colder months is to embrace cozier textures and warmer colors. Warming up the home’s interior may be accomplished with larger-scale projects such as painting walls or adding new furniture, or it can be more simply achieved through the addition of comfortable and personal accessories.

The first step to fending off the winter chill is to clear out the accessories and accouterments of summer. Replacing grass rugs with heavier rugs made of wool or with a deeper pile will offer soft cushioning underfoot as well as warming up the room. Knitted throws, flannel blankets, fleecy and furry throws all add warmth to a room, even as they drape over sofas or chairs. Add heavier curtains to the windows in a deep, warm color, perhaps a burgundy or coffee brown. Metallic items such as picture frames, vases or other trinkets are great accessories, adding a rich touch to a room.

Fire is always guaranteed to add warmth to a room, both literally and otherwise. If there are no actual fireplaces or stoves in the home, these can be easily added in the form of stand-alone units, wall-mounted units, or freestanding stoves of varying sorts. Candles are a more subtle way to add a heavy dose of warmth to the room, not to mention casting a soft, romantic glow.

Color can add an instant dose of warmth to a room, making it cozy and inviting. Deep, dramatic tones in jewel-like colors will pull the room together and add some drama to the space.

If the furniture is already comfortable in the form of a plump corner sofa in the living room or an upholstered headboard in the bedroom, then all that is really needed is some extra cushiony pillows and perhaps a few decorative throws. If the lines of the furniture have a colder, more modern style, warm them up with furniture covers, soft throws, and plenty of pillows in rich, textured fabrics.

The “Lived-in” look

Comfort is the key to making a home look warm and inviting. After all, if there are signs that the home is obviously being lived in, than it will naturally feel like a place to relax and retreat from the cold outside. Choosing accessories and arranging furniture and rugs will help to achieve this. Personal photos, vases arranged with dried eucalyptus and even a well-loved teddy bear or two will boost the warmth and coziness of any room.

Warming up the home for winter should naturally be a part of cold weather preparations. With minimal effort and the addition of color and textures, any room can become a welcoming haven of warmth in the dark depths of winter.

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