Ways to Make Your Place Look More Enticing to Potential Tenants

If you want to
put your place up for rent, you need to ensure that it’s enticing to potential
tenants. They will pay you a monthly fee and they need to feel that they’re
getting what they deserve. These tenants won’t own the house at the end of the
lease, so they need to enjoy whatever time they spent within the lease period.

It also means
that potential tenants won’t easily agree to a lease deal unless the benefits
are clear. You need to find a way to make the room look more enticing. These
are some tips to do so. 

Buy the necessary

Tenants want
to move into a fully furnished place. They will only stay in the room
temporarily. They don’t want to purchase furniture that they can’t take when they
leave. Even if you ask for a higher monthly rate, you will find tenants to
accept the deal. 

Repaint the

You don’t want
to present the place when it looks old and damaged. Repainting the room gives
it a new look. Even if your place has been around for years, the tenants will
conclude that you maintained it well. 

Install a
fitted wardrobe

You want a
room with a fitted wardrobe. Your tenants probably want the same thing. It’s
easier for them to keep their clothes and accessories when there is one. A
fitted wardrobe can also help reduce the space occupied in a bedroom. It makes
the room look more spacious than it is. You will feel fascinated once you see
the finished fitted

Prepare for
the open house

Tenants want
to see the room first before deciding to pursue a lease. You can set an
appointment first. When the time comes, you have to get ready to show the person
around. Clean the place and remove unnecessary items. You’re trying to entice
them to rent, so you want to put your best foot forward. 

Repair damaged

No one wants
to move into a damaged place and deal with repair issues. Even if you offer a
low monthly fee, the potential repair costs could still turn tenants off. You
don’t want them to feel that way. Therefore, you have to spot damage that
requires immediate repair before you decide to open the place for a

These tips can
help spruce up the appearance of your place and make it more enticing to
tenants. You will receive more enquiries from potential tenants. You might even
put a higher price tag because you know that many people seem interested. 

Even if these
changes require you to spend, you can still get back whatever amount you spent.
Don’t forget to display the best attitude when dealing with any potential
tenant. It doesn’t matter whether you feel that the enquiry is serious or not.
You need to treat all potential tenants the same way and make them feel that
your place is the best option for them. 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/exlKkVa-bvs

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