Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When it comes time to place your house on the market, the buyer’s first impressions are everything.  It’s estimated that around sixty three percent of homebuyers usually find the home they are most interested in by utilizing some sort of online medium.  This means that the curb appeal of your home could lose you the potential of a sale before the buyer ever has the chance to see the inside of your home.  Don’t make this mistake.  Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, and draw the eyes of future buyers from all over.


Apply some pressure

One of the quickest ways to give your home’s outdoor appearance a facelift is to pressure wash any wooden deck materials or siding on the home.  Pressure washing does wonders for old stained wood.  In minutes, you’ll see the color and original beauty return to your outdoor structure.  Most hardware stores offer the ability to rent the proper equipment to get the job done.


Add some color

Add color all over the place.  Plant flowers and a few rose bushes.  Then lay a few inches of some dark mulch over the bed of the flowers.  The contrast in color will make the flowers natural beauty stand out, and liven up any front yard.  Also, buy a quality outdoor paint and paint the front door to contrast the color of the home.  This will warm up the entry, and make your home feel more welcoming.


Replace old hardware

Old and worn outdoor hardware around your home can give it a creepy feel as opposed to the comforting environment you’re trying to create.  So replace the doorknobs and locks on your doors.  Make sure you have shiny new number hardware to mark your home’s location clearly.  You may even want to look into replacing that rusty rickety old mailbox as well!  These simple improvements will work wonders.


Add a dose of ambiance

Add some mood lighting and a comfort space to the backyard.  If you’re interested in relaxation, you could add a coy pond and some solar lighting that will glow in the evenings.  It wouldn’t take too much to drill out a small well either.  That would benefit your curb appeal, and add a private source of water for the home.  That benefit is invaluable!


Plant a tree

Planting a tree is beneficial in so many more ways than just one.  Trees bring shade in the summer to help lower cooling bills.  They add to the health of nature and the surrounding air quality of the home.  There’s no bad thing when it comes to planting a tree.  Just be careful to plant the tree in a spot that is best for its breed to protect your home’s plumbing systems and foundation.

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