Water filters-Saving your family and the Environment

None of us really puts much thought into the water we’re drinking. Here in the United States, our water must be completely clean, right? Wrong. Recently, I have found out just how many nasty chemicals can be found in our drinking water, yuck. Something I found that can stop this is Whole House Water Filter by Clean Air Pure Water.

To put it simply, a whole house water filter will get rid of elements like Chlorine, Chloramine and carcinogenic chemicals. Just buy bottled water then, you say. But how about something that will bring you safe, clean and tasty water, be cost-effective and protect the environment? No more harmful plastic bottles for you!

Plastic usage is something we’re all very hot on now. We all know we desperately need to cut down but have no idea how to. Well, here is our answer. Just last year, the average American used 167 plastic bottles and only 38 of those were recycled. Think how effective just switching to a water filter would be in terms of saving the planet. It’s so simple yet so proactive.

Ok, so here is how this amazing filter works. Living in a city, you can imagine how dirty the water becomes as it travels through the pipes. The first thing that will happen is the water will be filtered by a 5-micron sediment filter. This means that it is able to catch particles as small as 5 microns. The human eye can’t see anything smaller than 4 microns. Pretty nifty.

Once this is done, it flows straight into the water filter itself. After this, the water will flow downwards through two cubic feet of carbon which will either be granular or catalytic, depending on what you need. The carbon will trap the chemicals as it’s so highly porous. And then, hurrah! You have safe and clean water available straight to your home.

Every home is different so you have complete control over design and size. The installation will be done by your plumber. Installation is easy and a manual is provided. It will only take about a day to be fitted into your home. To add to this, there won’t be an unsightly clunky thing taking up valuable space. The smallest model is only 2 cubic feet. However, if you do have a large family, there are bigger models available.

If this doesn’t already convince you, it also tastes much better. Water without chemicals will be rid of the chemical taste. You may now be thinking this all sounds great but there must be a catch. Nope. Cleaner and safer water won’t have to cost you a bomb. It’s cheap and can last a family of four for up to seven years.

It’s crazy how none of us thought of this before. After doing research I’ve learnt so much and definitely have been putting off grabbing a glass of water before bed now that I am aware of the potentially hidden nasties.

So, to sum it all up, there is a way to be drinking pure and fresh water even if you’re living in the middle of a city. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth or mess up your carefully decorated home!

You learn something new every day.1

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