Tips and advice for shopping online for home decor

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find affordable decorative items is to shop online. However, this method of bargain hunting comes with its own unique set of challenges. Here, we discuss how you can overcome these issues and find beautiful decor items online.

The comfort factor:
It’s a well known fact that the same piece of furniture will often be much cheaper online than it is when sold in a bricks and mortar shop. However, when you’re investing in an item such as a sofa or a bed, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable. This can be difficult to establish online, as you can only use the basic information, such as the fabric the item is made from, to determine how it might feel. In such cases, if you’re on a strict budget, it may be worth your while going to the bricks and mortar furniture shop to ‘test’ the item you want to buy, checking if it’s comfortable enough and then going home and purchasing it online, as you’ll then be able to make an informed decision and still enjoy the cheaper online price tag.

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Keep the colour in mind:

One of the most important things to consider when decorating a room in your home is the colour scheme. When shopping online for items such as cheap curtains, rugs and other soft furnishings, it is important to remember that there are many different factors that may result in the colour you see not being entirely accurate, such as:

your own computer monitor

the lighting and contrast settings on your PC

the lighting in the room where you’re sitting.

Although most online decor shops go to great lengths to ensure that the photograph of the item is as true to life as possible, there is still a chance that it may look different when you see it in person. Consequently, if you really need an exact colour, you may want to request a small fabric sample before you commit to buying the item itself.

If you receive your item and decide that it doesn’t quite work with your existing decor scheme, you may want to send it back. However, some online shops may charge quite a bit for returns, whilst others charge very little (or nothing, in some cases). Make sure to check what a shop’s policy is prior to buying, so as to ensure that any returns you need to make are hassle free.

Compare prices of decorative items:

One of the best things about online shopping is how easy it is to compare prices on items such as cheap curtains; a few years ago, doing this type of research would have involved traipsing around dozens of shops and trying to remember how much an item cost in each one. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can check the price of an item in several different shops. Spending just a few minutes doing this is certainly worth it, especially if you are on a tight decorating budget.

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