Three Things Your Bathroom Needs To Be More Inviting

It’s pretty likely that every person that enters your house with the plan to stay and visit for any amount of time will at least visit your bathroom once while they are there. For that reason alone it’s important to make sure that you have a clean, neat, and organized bathroom. But you want to make it inviting for you and your family as well.


Think of how much time you yourself spends in your bathroom. Would you rather spend that time in a dirty, worn out room, or something that is nice and makes you feel relaxed? Most people would prefer the relaxing bathroom.


Add Some Color And Light


The color of each room in your home has a different effect on your mood. Brighter colors often make you feel happier, while darker colors leave more gloom in the room, which can rub off on you. If you want your bathroom to be a relaxing place, go for a light blue color for the walls and decor.


Make sure you have good lighting in your bathroom as well. Think of all the things that you do while you are in your bathroom, you need lighting for makeup application, shaving, and even to make sure that you get all the food out of your teeth when you are flossing.


Make It Smell Better


Another thing that can make your bathroom more inviting are air fresheners, but you want more than just a spray bottle on the back of your toilet. Include lavender scented sachets in your drawers and on the shelves with your towels and washcloths. You may also want an automatic spray freshener and maybe even a scented toilet roll holder.


You can also help keep your bathroom smelling cleaner by keeping it clean. That means regularly cleaning in and around your toilet, and cleaning your sink and shower. Use cleaners with baking soda, which can help neutralize odors.


Pick Better Accessories


It depends on what size of bathroom you have on what type of accessories you include. If you have a large bathroom you may want a seating area, other than the toilet (gross) for getting dressed or moisturizing your legs. If you spend a lot of time relaxing in your tub, you may want candles, a bath pillow, and other things for relaxation.

You also want to make sure your bathroom has features that don’t stress you out! If you’re experiencing leaks, or you just can’t get faucets clean anymore, think about replacing them. From new faucets, to a more water efficient toilet, and even something as simple as a new shower curtain, you can make your bathroom look new, smell good, and be a nice relaxing place for anyone that needs to use it.

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