Think Big & Live Small

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 Freeing those with larger properties from the responsibilities of high monthly outgoings and extensive upkeep, can release equity and enable you to do more such as travelling and other activities.

1.        Doing your research

Opting for a smaller place should earn you a healthy lump sum as you will likely benefit from selling your bigger home.

2.        Finding your perfect home

While some, move to be nearer their children and extended family, others are looking for a change of scene and a fresh start. It is important that the area that you choose is right for you.

3.        Making the move smooth

Many will find the prospect of decluterring hard to embrace. However, sifting through it can be refreshing and will enable you to free up space and make your move easier.

4.        Making it work for you

Moving to a retirement village can make you more active and independent contrary to popular belief. With on-site facilities such as restaurants, bars and gyms, there’s an active social scene.

If you’re one the 55% of UK property owners who plan to downsize, this infographic “Think big, live small” is well worth a look. Audley retirement takes a look at how over-55s are planning to live in the future.

Audley offers luxury retirement properties. These high-spec villages are closer than you think and contain fine dining, spa and gym facilities.

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