The Real Benefits of Quadrant-Shaped Shower Enclosures for Your Modern Bathroom

The shower enclosure has indeed been transformed, and you can now buy shower enclosures that are pre-built and modular, which you can easily install in your bathroom in less than a day. But there are different kinds of shower cabins and enclosures out there, and their shapes can be quite varied, too. One particularly popular style and shape when it comes to modular shower cabins is the quadrant shower enclosure, and it has proven to have various merits, perhaps more than other shapes and styles. So what makes the quadrant shower enclosure a brilliant option for many? Here are the real benefits of quadrant-shaped shower enclosures for your modern bathroom.

  1. A design that saves a lot of space

For sure, a quadrant shower cabin is a design that will save you a lot of space, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t have much space in their bathrooms. Since the shower’s front area is curved, it will not protrude into the room as much as a square or rectangular-shaped shower cabin. You will have more room to move whilst you are showering as well – and, more importantly, you will have more room for moving side to side rather than front to back, which is more comfortable when you are taking a shower.

  1. Perfect for awkwardly-shaped or odd-shaped layouts

Some bathrooms may be awkwardly-shaped or oddly-shaped, which makes it a hassle to find the right shower enclosure or have one that’s made from the ground up. If you have a basin or toilet that are awkwardly-installed or placed, a quadrant unit could be the perfect choice for your bathroom. The same goes if your bathroom has a recessed area or has a sloping ceiling, or if you have a vanity unit that cannot be removed.

  1. It has a softer style and shape

If you want your bathroom to look more relaxing and more comfortable, the elements you choose can make a difference – and this is true if you opt for quadrant-shaped shower cabins, which have a softer style and shape than other cabin styles. The quadrant shape is slightly rounded, and it goes well with baths that are rounded, too. If you want something sharper, you can choose to have a square shower enclosure, but this will often only go well with suites that are more angular in theme as well.

  1. You have other quadrant options

If you have more room in your bathroom to spare, you can also select an offset quadrant shower enclosure, which is slightly bigger than the quadrant shower but still curved and soft at the edges. You can even choose these offset quadrant showers in both left- and right-handed versions and they can come complete with features such as strips on the shower doors to serve as seals that will ensure that the water always remains inside.

  1. Less to clean

Without a doubt, quadrant shower enclosures will take less effort to clean than other shower enclosure shapes such as square or rectangular, simply because there is less glass for you to clean. Square or rectangular-shaped enclosures will often have two big glass panes, whilst the quadrant shower cabin will only have one single curved glass panel. This, in turn, results in easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance.

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