The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Interior Designer

When it comes to decorating your home, you have two basic options: you can either opt to do everything yourself, or you can opt for an interior designer of course.

Some people want to tackle the job themselves thanks to DIY and inspiration websites like Pinterest, but others know they’re just not crafty enough to handle the responsibility. Some also try to DIY, but then fail miserably and opt for the interior designer to help.

If you’re weighing the option of whether or not to hire an interior designer for your specific project, the following are a few pros and cons.

Pro: Interior designers can help you see the big picture.

Some of us simply don’t have the design gene, and that’s okay. Actually, that’s where an interior designer shines. Not only will they be able to tackle your small project, but they will actually help you see the bigger picture in your home and provide suggestions to not only maximize space, but to also improve the overall theme, style, and flow.

Con: Interior designers are more expensive than DIY.

When it comes to cost, an interior designer may cost more than handling the project on your own. However, you must remember that you’re not only paying for their skill and service, but you’re also paying them to handle a job so you don’t have to. After you consider the time you’re saving and the ultimate end result, the cost may actually be worth it.

Pro: Interior designers will handle every aspect of the design.

When you hire an interior designer, you don’t have to do anything. The interior designer will either tackle every job themselves, or they will subcontract other professionals. So even if your new interior design work includes painting,installing a new ceiling fan, or putting down new flooring, the interior designer will manage all of it.

Con: You and the interior designer may not mesh.

In order to ensure that your interior designer does what you want them to do, it’s important that you have good chemistry. You want to make sure that the interior designer you choose is attentive to your needs and understands the type of style or look you want in your home. If you and the interior designer are always butting heads, it may not result in a great finished product.

Pro: Interior designers are available for any project.

One of the best things about interior designers is that they’re available to help you no matter your project. It doesn’t matter if you want to design a bathroom or provide a new look for your living room—the interior designer will be able to handle it all. Plus, they are willing to help you throughout various design stages. For example, you may be in need of new, updated look for your old home, and an interior designer can help with that. Or, if you’re currently building a new home, you may want an interior designer to work with you throughout the process in order to give your new home the best consistent look possible. 

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