The Eco-Friendly Sofa You Need

It’s that time again; you’ve been bitten by the decorating bug. Whether it’s because you’ve recently moved, your old furniture should be put out to pasture, or you just want something new, you’re ready to update your home. Before you make the mistake of simply driving down to the nearest box store and choosing from their limited selection to find a sofa immediately, you consider what sort of sofa you and your home needs. When you avoid the quickest option and take the time to really think about your options, you’ll realize that an eco-friendly leather sofa is what you really need.

When you shop at the wrong places, you won’t find genuine leather sofas that are certified green. Faux-leather is plentiful these days because it’s cheaper, but its price tag shows in its quality. After only a little while in your home, these synthetic materials will show wear in cracked and sagging cushions; it’s more easily torn and pierced than genuine leather, and it will never develop the beautiful patina that real leather sofas develop. Even worse, a lot of faux-leather materials are made out of a non-porous polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which contains phthalates, a class of chemicals scientists are suggesting is detrimental to both our environment and our health.


Leather doesn’t come with this risk to your environment or your health, especially when its internal composition is certified green. Eco-friendly manufacturers have improved the environmental impact of the furniture industry by creating a plant-based cushioning. Instead of oil-based and non-renewable sources, BioPlush Soybean cushioning is derived from soybeans – a natural and renewable source. Leather also endures whatever your lifestyle throws at it, as it is a durable material resistant to wear, scratches, and sagging.

So, what is the downside to green, comfortable, and sophisticated furniture? In all honesty, there isn’t one. Customers have been switching since the 1940s and never going back. For decades, eco-conscious homeowners have been turning to The Chesterfield Shop as the only source for environmentally friendly and sophisticated leather furniture. Their commitment to the environment and your experience is comparable to no other store, as their craftspeople and design experts make sure you get the leather sofa that you need and want. Check out their website at to learn more about how they’re improving your furniture buying experience better each day.

Once people know what their options really are, there’s nothing that could ever make them want to switch back to fix-it solutions from big box stores.Modern leather and eco-friendly furniture delivers on the expected levels of comfort and style and will look great in your home.

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