First time buyers – Is a new build right for you?

When buying your first home there are hundreds of things to consider. The deposit, personal finances, the property market, solicitor’s fees, stamp duty, and the list goes on. However the biggest question in recent years has been whether you should buy an old or new build property as a first time buyer. Safestore, the UK based self storage company meet people from both sides of the fence who require temporary storage solutions during the moving process. Using temporary storage throughout the moving Read more [...]

Think Big & Live Small

Source URL:  Freeing those with larger properties from the responsibilities of high monthly outgoings and extensive upkeep, can release equity and enable you to do more such as travelling and other activities. 1.        Doing your research Opting for a smaller place should earn you a healthy lump sum as you will likely benefit from selling your bigger home. 2.        Finding your perfect home While some, move to be nearer their children Read more [...]

Reasons Why Women Continue to Want to Receive Flowers Revealed by Michael Dark Research

Michael Dark, an online florist, has recently completed a piece of research into why women continue to want to receive flowers. Very often, people feel flowers are not an appropriate gift because they are a bit cheesy and because they die anyway. However, the research clearly showed that women continue to seek that romance and that flowers seem to tick all the boxes. Michael Dark, UK based online florist, has recently completed a piece of research into whether or not women wanted to receive flowers Read more [...]

Reclaiming your family from their screens

It’s becoming an increasingly common sight amongst families – everyone’s sat around the dinner table or in the living room or even when you’re out and about and eyes are glued to a screen. Mum and dad may be glued to the TV screen, whilst children are more than likely staring intently at a phone, tablet or computer game. This is modern life and there’s little chance of it stopping unfortunately. However, it’s still important to make the effort to drag everyone away from screens every Read more [...]

Questions You Should Ask a Plumber before Your Hire Him

The best time to find a plumber is before you need his services and if you prepare a list of questions to ask each plumber you interview for your regular work, you can easily compare their services and choose the one that’s best for your needs. Once you get a few names from friends and colleagues you can contact them to pose some of the following questions to them. Keep in mind that your plumber should meet the qualifications accepted here in the UK since other countries have varying standards Read more [...]

How to install a bi-fold door

If you are thinking of making changes to your home, you may be considering adding new patio doors or Windows. One of the most common additions in the last few years in bifold doors, especially at the rear of the properly. They can quickly transform a home, provide copious amounts of additional natural lighting and aluminium bifolding doors also come with the highest levels of security as standard. Bi-folding doors can easily be installed into homes, maximising the living space and completely opening Read more [...]

Why sash windows are perfect for a period property

Windows can have a dramatic effect on the overall character of a home. Not only does the size, shape and placing of windows dictate how natural light comes into a property, but the design can have a great impact too. If your home is a period property from the Victorian or Edwardian eras it will almost certainly have been built with timber framed sash windows in place. So, if you are looking to make the most of your home's unique character with sympathetic decor it is well worth starting with your Read more [...]

Putting your Belongings into Long-Term Storage

Many people face the prospect of putting their possessions into storage at some point. You may be going away for an extended period, downsizing your home, or even look to store items from a business. You can search for self storage Peterborough or any other location in the UK, and find a host of different websites all offering their storage facilities for rent. When you are looking for storage facilities, it is important that you make sure that the facilities are both secure, and also that they Read more [...]

How to Fund Your Home’s Eco Upgrades

The subject of global warming has become less controversial over the years with 97% of climate experts agreeing on the subject. There are lots of ways each of us can reduce our individual carbon footprints through changing our habits, whether that be changing the way we drive or recycling waste and unwanted products. Many people also see the value of changing certain parts of their home to help the environment too. The problem is changes such as solar paneling or insulation can be expensive. However, Read more [...]

Best Furniture For Bedrooms

Best furniture for bedrooms is obviously a vague definition, as a lot will depend on the size of your room as well as its owner. Of course, an adult bedroom and a child's bedroom will have to be furnished differently. Still, this does not mean that you will not find some traditional furniture for bedroom ideas useful. All in all, there are several classic solutions that include furniture sets for children’s rooms, bedroom sets for small bedrooms, and so on. Here are some common ways to decorate Read more [...]