Top 5 Easy Tips to Darken The Bedroom

We all know that sleeping is an important part of daily life and health. But did you also know that the kind of sleep you get can have an affect on your health? In fact, sleeping in a room with too much light can not only disturb your sleep patterns, but it can actually lead to adverse health effects in both the long and short term. A 2009 study published in Behavioral Brain Research journal showed that sleeping in a lighted room at night can lead to a wide variety of health problems, such as Read more [...]

Patio Pride: Adding Some Oomph to Your Outdoor Space

Just because your patio is small doesn't mean it can't host an outdoor dinner party or barbecue, serve as a small garden or become the perfect place to relax on summer weekends. The secret to making the most of your small patio is cleaning up the clutter, camouflaging the ugly necessities and sprucing up the patio furniture and décor to create your own perfect escape. Lighting If you want to use your patio from dusk till nightfall, you'll need lights. Start by mounting a spotlight or traditional Read more [...]