Spring Clean your Garden

As the days begin to grow a little longer, the promise of some sunshine (however weak) is enough to get us up and outside after a long, dark winter. Whilst the weather is still changeable, we can spend more time outdoors and get the garden in good shape for the summer.

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Planting can’t begin with earnest as frost is still very likely, but you can plant some bulbs and keep them in the greenhouse until the spring arrives. Think about planting lettuce and carrots under cloches

Prune back overgrown, dead or dying branches or stems. Deadhead winter flowers to keep them growing well into the spring.

Remove weeds from the base of young trees to encourage good growth. As the weather can still be changeable, tie back any weak branches or stems to ensure no breakages. Call in a specialist if trees are big or branches are heavy.

Clear away any dead branches and leaves that are littering lawns, beds and ponds. Add to or make a compost heap to make the most of the organic waste in your garden.


As March roars in, there are several more garden jobs that you can take care of. Now’s the time to begin planting poppies and geraniums. If soil is sufficiently drained, summer bulbs can be added too.

Check that plants covered over the winter are still in good shape.

You may notice shrubs and bushes spring back into life. Prune back to maintain the shape and keep them in good condition. Keep an eye out for signs of pests that may also be awakening with the spring sunshine, treat now before a problem can really take hold.

Ponds and Maintenance

Pond nets can now be removed. It may be worth adding an algae treatment or barley straw to avoid a blanket weed problem before it can develop.

Clean out pond filters and pumps to make sure that they are in good condition before the summer. Check pond lights too, and return everything back to the pond.

Jet wash or scrub decking, garden furniture and paths. This will remove dirt, algae and moss and leave the garden looking much neater and ready for those long summer days.

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