Save Your Fortune with Spa Cover Lifter

Whether you are using the hot tub for a long time or a new spa owner, it won’t take much time to realize the advantages of spa cover lifter. If you buy a good quality lifter, it will help to enhance the durability of your hot tub pool for a long time. Remember that a good tub lifter can help you to save your money in the long run. It is not very difficult to choose a lifter after searching some of the best stores for spa accessories.

Hot Tub

Considerations while maintaining hot tubs

Most of the time people get confused with the costs while purchasing a hot tub. Besides purchasing the spa, you have to look after the electrical connection and the service charge of an electrician. Moreover you have to buy the start-up and maintenance chemicals. You also have to take into consideration the added electricity expense of running and heating your hot tub.

Difficulty without the lifter

Many people are reluctant about using spa cover. It is because removing the hot tub cover is not an easy job, especially if the size of your tub is large. Some of the spas are about 6 to 10 feet and so handling the covers of these tubs are very difficult. However if you make use of a lifter it will help to make your lifting job easy. You can open as well as close the spa with the help of a lifter on your own. Besides helping with the leverage to lower or raise spa cover, most of the lifters also help to hold your cover at the right place in the open position.

Problems with covers created with foam

Many hot tub covers are created with foam and are sealed by plastic vapor wrap for preventing them from becoming water logged. However the slightest tear or puncture in the wrap will shorten the life of your tub cover drastically. Usually hot tub covers last for about 3 to 5 years though in many cases they can last even for a long time. However many covers that can be removed without the help of lifters tend to split at the seams too soon. Most often they are dropped and so get punctured by lying down on rough ground. They get waterlogged and thus lose all the insulation value. As a result you have to double the operating costs for installing new covers for your tub.

Cover lifter usage depending on space limitations

You must be wondering at this stage about which lifter you will use for your tub? It depends on your space limitations behind or beside the spa when your cover will rest in its open position. Usually the lifters need a minimum of 24 inches for allowing the arc and space to rest the width of the cover.

Different styles

Different styles are available for the lifters and they vary as per the installations at different homes. Some lifters can be screwed into the side panel of the spa. However most often spa owners dislike drilling holes in the cabinets. During high winds the covers become too heavy and can also break the paneling. You can opt for under mounting where 2 metal plates slip under the spa when it is empty. This will help you avoid drilling your tub. Moreover if your budget in not a major concern, you can look for hydraulic lifters. They act as covers and then are raised on hydraulic posts and are transformed into a small roof overhead looking perfectly like a gazebo.

Get the best quality Spa Cover Lifter from one of the best online stores and enhance the durability of your hot tub.

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