Prepping Your Yard for an At-Home Wedding

Having your wedding at home can be one of the most beautiful and intimate ways to say, “I do.” Whether you’re opting for an at-home wedding to save a little money on the venue, you enjoy entertaining friends and family there, or you’re an introverted bride who prefers the comfort and security of places most familiar to you, a wedding in your domicile can allow you to showcase your unique style and maybe splurge a little in areas like flowers, overall decor, and food.

If you’ve decided you want an at-home wedding, the first thing you must do is prepare your home and yard to accommodate such a momentous event. It may seem like a lot of work, but with a little bit of time and effort, you and your intended can work together to make all the necessary changes to spruce up the look of your exterior, your garden, and your landscaping.

Make all the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. If you have a to-do list for your home, now is the time to attend to it. From leaky outdoor spigots to worn weather stripping on your exterior doors or a deck that needs to be restained, schedule and complete any household projects that you’ve been putting off.

Keep your blueprints on hand. You don’t want to create a problem where there isn’t one, so be sure to keep your blueprints on hand as you prepare for renovations, backyard landscaping, and the construction of any temporary wedding structures. The blueprints of the land should indicate where any water, cable, or power lines are underground. You will need to know this for tenting, in particular. Most utility companies are also willing to come out and survey the property if you choose, to ensure that you are on the right track for how you want to design your outdoor space in light of where the lines have been placed.

Have a cohesive plan in mind. While you may initially want to infuse your garden with a rainbow of color and diverse blooming flowers, it’s best to create a more unified aesthetic that will correspond to the wedding palette. If you intend for your girls to wear light purple bridesmaid dresses, think ahead on design and plan to plant lavender, plum, violet, and heather-hued flowers that will compliment your wedding decor and stay within the color scheme you have chosen. Pay particular attention to perennials you already have planted and take note of when they bloom and how long they maintain their color so you can include these in your overall landscaping strategy.

Add a flower bed border. One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your yard is to add a stone edge and mulch to make a flower bed more defined. Not all border stones are expensive; many can be found at an outdoor landscaping store for as little as a couple of dollars apiece. If you’re looking for something free or distinctive, find the closest water source and load up on river rocks or beach cobbles. You may also choose to stop at a demolition site, a quarry, or new building site to find stones. Want something other than stone? Plenty of other materials, like logs and cross-ties, can make a statement, especially if they fit in well with the overall theme of your wedding.

Camouflage your air conditioning unit. Air conditioning is a necessity for you and your guests, but an exposed unit can make for quite an eyesore in your yard. There are many creative ways to cover your unit, while simultaneously improving the overall look of your yard. You may want to look at latticework or stacked pallets that include planter pots that allow you to use the covering as a decorative statement and an opportunity to display more of those beautiful wedding flowers.

Add landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a safety feature that ensures that paths and obstacles are visible to you and your guests after sunset. Outdoor LED lighting can be found at local stores, including both supercenters and discount stores, and can include string lights, solar lamps, lanterns, and path lighting. You may also want to look at ways that your outdoor lighting can become part of your outdoor wedding decor, including them as not as a focal point in the aisle, but also as part of the table decorations.

Use stepping stones to connect spaces. If you want to create a sense of unity between areas that currently only sport a well-worn walking path, consider using stepping stones. While the most affordable concrete stepping stones may look a bit drab, you could paint them colors you pull from your outdoor landscaping or wedding design or spray paint them with a white lace pattern using an old doily. Remember that your goal is to create a cohesive look with your overall wedding theme and color palette. You will want to avoid distracting or detracting from your wedding focal point, so keep your outdoor wedding altar or arch in mind before adding things elsewhere in your yard.

What are some creative ideas you have had for transforming an outdoor space for a wedding? Share your ideas for at-home wedding ideas below.

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