Organising your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep organised and tidy; it’s continuously in use and has to withstand a constant coming and going of groceries and kitchen equipment. In no time the cupboards can become overcrowded, food and tools are lost and forgotten. Often the space is not being used to its full potential. Now is the best time of year to really make an effort to put an end to this cycle and start making the most of your kitchen.

New Year – new kitchen.

Stage a clear out

There’s no other way to do it properly: first things first, pull everything out of your cupboards and drawers and take a long hard look at the contents. If there is anything you no longer need or use, donate it or throw it away. It’s easier said than done, but be ruthless – the less you have, the easier it is to keep everything ordered and you won’t have to play a game of Tetris every time you need to put something away.

Use clear storage

It’s a good idea to group small items together rather than have them loose in cupboards and drawers. Also, choose to invest in some clear shoe boxes or other similar containers that mean you can easily see what’s inside. This will make a world of difference and reduce time spent searching for small packets or gadgets that would otherwise get lost.

Use vertical space

Get your hands on some adhesive hooks and you’ll be amazed at how effective they are for freeing up space. Place them underneath cabinets to store mugs, or inside cabinet doors to allow you to hang kitchen accessories like measuring spoons or oven gloves out of site.

Lazy Susans

One of the best solutions for overcrowded cupboards: lazy susans are rotating trays that mean you have easy access to a number of items that would otherwise be piled on top of each other. They’re not only for cupboards though – they’re extremely useful in the fridge, too.

Drawer dividers

Opening up a drawer to reveal a mass of miscellaneous utensils is a sorry sight. But drawer dividers, whether they’re bought for the job or a DIY project, offer an easy solution to this and take very little effort to install.

Arrange by frequency of use

You might be tempted to organise your kitchenware by how well they fit into cupboard space, prioritising this over how often you actually use them. It makes more sense to keep those items you find yourself frequently reaching for in the most convenient locations, at eye level or at the front of a deep cupboard.

Keep cookware close to the stove

Another sensible but often overlooked idea is to make sure kitchenware like pots and pans are stored as close to the stove as possible. This way the cooking process becomes far more efficient and reduces needless hassle.

End the mess of plastic containers and lids

A decent supply of plastic containers with matching lids in varying shapes and sizes is a must for most people, but storing them becomes a nightmare for a lot of people. Try separating lids, ‘filing’ them in a divided drawer, and stacking the pots in a different place, one inside the other.

Whether you’re looking to crack down on your existing kitchen or make a positive start in a brand new home, like the fantastic new builds in Colchester, use these tips to keep your kitchen in order this year.

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