Multi-purpose decorating ideas for your living room- Transform it to a place worth living

A 160 square-foot living space might seem like a decent and average size until you realize that it should function as a lounge dining room, family room and home office. Creating a major design that can be functional in multiple ways and also aesthetically pleasing at the same time can become a major challenge for a homeowner. Although there are few designing elements that can help you with creating maximum space out of a small room, yet not many of us are aware of them. So, in case you’re looking for some splendid ideas of decorating your living room so as to make it a room worth living, here are some ideas that you may take into account.

  1. Lighten up with white color: Are you looking for ways to add extra dimension and depth to your living room? If answered yes, you can easily achieve a luxe neutral look by installing white upholstery and other decorative items in different light hues. This will make your room look large and spacious and will also look bright at the same time.
  2. Mix traditional with modern: Many of us think that adding some antique furniture might not look good in a room that has modern furniture as well. But this idea is entirely wrong. The 9-foot vintage sofa in your living room is rather a modern counterpoint to some traditional antique chairs. Remember that adding conventional furniture depicts good royal taste of the person living in that room.
  3. Divide a huge room visually: If the living room is a huge one, you can visually divide the room by adding cedar ceiling beams in the room. Such architectural details will define the rooms in the open space and give the impression of two rooms within one room. You can even employ some other ideas for visually separating your big living room.
  4. Mix styles: It is pretty fair enough to mix old and new, casual and forma, bold and neutral to make a comfortable and inviting sitting space. You can have a neutral toned sofa and an armchair to introduce the contemporary lines and also have customary draperies all around the room to introduce the touch of tradition as well.
  5. Get a relaxed look: How about painted antiques and white linens? If you wish to give country French the minimum spin, you should avoid the most common plaids and ruffles and rather stick to white linens. If you think your house doesn’t need curtains, you can paint the trim of the window dark grey to get a cleaner look.
  6. Modernize some of the classics: Do you have some classic piece of furniture in your home? If yes, you can make a classic print like houndstooth modern by playing with the color and pattern and adding it to an unexpected color. This will help you modernize the classics.
  7. Try and get the gallery look: If you can give a random collection of splendid art works or some wall decals that are worthy to be kept in the museum and let them hang together on a single wall, this can create the impression of a gallery for the ones who come into the room.
  8. Accessorize with history: If you have a flat-top trunk at home, you can bring it in and use it as a coffee table. Make sure that the chocolate color coordinates with the color scheme of the room. This will have a good space for history into your living room.

Hence, if you wish to decorate your living room, you may take into account the above mentioned ideas. 

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