Making Your Yard Look More Appealing

There are many reasons that you’d want your yard to look good. It may just be that you take pride in having a home that looks beautiful, on the outside and the inside. You may be having company that will be spending some time outside in your yard and you just want to make sure it looks nice or they are envious of your beautiful yard.

Another reason you may want to make your yard look more appealing is that you are trying to rent, or sell, your home. Curb appeal goes a long way in attracting customers and if your home looks messy. cluttered, or just brown you are less likely to sell.

Keeping It Mowed

How often and at what length you mow your lawn are both important factors. You should know what kind of grass your lawn is home to, which can determine the ideal length. You don’t want to over mow your yard though.

Mow only when your lawn needs it, and don’t cut it too short. Some people just leave the lawn shavings laying around, but they can block the sun and turn your lawn into a dead brown patch. Brown lawns are very unattractive.

Your Green Lawn

Just mowing and removing cut grass isn’t enough to keep your lawn from turning brown. If you are not getting enough rain or the heat and sun are too intense, your lawn may still be getting scorched and dying.

Water your lawn in the morning, just after the dew dries. Watering after the sun is up and shining can actually be worse for your lawn when the sun heats up that water and burns your beautiful lawn. If you have a sprinkler system you can set on a timer make sure it is running at this same time each day. Turn it off on rainy days to conserve water.

Battling Those Weeds

You definitely need to deal with the weeds in your yard. It depends on where you live on what kind of weeds you’ll have to deal with though. Some states have far worse weeds than others. Dealing with them in a timely manner can make all the difference.

You may want to use chemicals to kill your weeds, but if you have children or pets that spend time in your yard you want to make sure that you use something that is safe for them. Look into natural weed killers that are safer.

Add Some Color

Use flowers to welcome people to your home. The color makes your home look even more inviting and may actually attract people to your home if you are selling. Flowers not only add color, but they can also add some serenity when you set up a flower garden or bed.

Trees in the right places can also make your yard more appealing. Don’t be afraid to add a little something to make your home as attractive on the outside as you want it to be on the inside.

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