Making your house a home

Whether you’ve just moved in, or have lived in your house for some time, there are probably still a few things you could do to make it feel more homely.

Many householders are reluctant to spend large amounts of money on home improvements that are going to be left behind when you move.

However, there’s no need to put your investment into items that are fixed down – it’s equally possible to add a homely touch using pieces you can take with you, meaning you shouldn’t be left out of pocket when you decide to move.

Sort out your storage

First of all, tidy up – it’s no fun, but it’s worth it if your home has become overrun with items you don’t really want or need.

If you never get chance to look at any of the things you’ve got in storage, you’re not making the most of their sentimental value, so a clear-out can actually be a very positive thing.

Invest in a few useful storage solutions, such as under-bed containers and other sturdy storage boxes, and you’ll have places to put things where they’ll be protected against dust and damp.

Put up your pictures

Most of us have family photographs, certificates of professional achievement or artistic prints that we like the look of; however, many people never get around to putting them up on the wall.

A few paintings, photos or prints can make a room look and feel lived-in, and can also help to stop it feeling quite so empty and echoey, by making sure the walls are not just big flat surfaces for the sound to bounce off of.

This again is a chance to choose some of your favourite photos to take pride of place on your wall – and although you might not get rid of the rest, you can organise them into some proper albums or storage boxes and save yourself some more space overall.

Comfy cushions

Cushions aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, and with most modern-day sofas, you don’t really need any extra cushions in order to make the seat comfy to sit on.

However, the best thing about cushions is that they can be moved around – allowing you to slouch on the floor, or with your back resting against the front of the sofa, or to prop up your head while you lie flat.

They give you a make-do option for guests to sit on, if you ever have more people round to visit than the number of ‘proper’ seats you have in your lounge, allowing the cushions to work as makeshift bean bags for a while.

And they add a splash of colour and decoration that can be totally in line with your personal taste, but without requiring extensive redecoration that could put off buyers when it comes to time to sell your house.

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