Low maintenance garden landscaping

Having a beautiful garden is something that most of us would like, but not all of us are prepared to put in the effort. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your garden than maintaining it, these garden landscaping ideas are perfect for you.


Get rid of your lawn

One of the most time-consuming features in a garden is a lawn. It requires watering, de-weeding, mowing and planting seeds. By digging up your existing grass and replacing it, you cut back a lot of time and effort needed to maintain your garden.

  • Replace your grass with paving slabs, stones, or bark. Choose interesting stones with a range of shades to keep the garden interesting.
  • Artificial grass can make a good replacement for smaller areas of lawn. Choose an option which looks real next to grass and get it professionally fitted.
  • Decking can replace a large area of garden and double up as an area for sitting, eating and entertaining.

Choose hardy plants

If you still want the appearance of a plant filled garden but with minimal effort, choose hardy evergreen plants which can survive low temperatures and require little watering in the summer. Avoid flowers as these often need deadheading, and plants which require regular pruning should also be avoided.

Use manmade decorations

Rather than focusing on flora to make your garden beautiful, use handmade or bought decorative pieces to accentuate areas of your garden. Water fountains, bird baths, arches or fire pits are all good large objects to include, whereas candles, lanterns and small sculptures can be dotted around the garden.


Build a rock garden

A rock garden is a perfect choice for those who want a naturalistic, low maintenance feature. Although it takes a little work setting it up, once built it will last with little to no upkeep. It’s also a much more attractive option than potted plants or stones!

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