Lawrence of La Brea Rugs

In the Coen Bros. cult classic The Big Lebowski, L.A. marijuana enthusiast and frequent bowler Jeffrey Lebowski is caught up in a Raymond Chandler-esque kidnapping plot. Like many detective stories of old, it starts off with a fairly simple case: someone vandalized his rug, and he wants a replacement. After all, the rug “really tied the room together.”


Often, some of the most luxurious rugs you’ll find anywhere in the country are found in L.A. So it’s only fitting that Lebowski’s misfortune is related to damaging one. It’s almost an inside joke, that even a slouch and slob in Los Angeles cares about his rug. 


But if you visit the home of any legendary Hollywood producer, they’re sure to have some fine rugs adorning their floors (and perhaps walls). The city is practically known for it.


Rugs have the power to transform the entire atmosphere of a room like no other decor can. With  so many stores in Los Angeles, it can be a challenge finding one that matches your tastes and budget. But Lawrence of La Brea feature a wide range of rugs, and that may be just what you’re looking for. 


Even their name is a clever take on a classic film. But the Los Angeles rug store Lawrence of La Brea is far more in keeping with recent times than T.E. Lawrence’s. The rugs offered at Lawrence come from all over the world, and just the virtual tour offered on their website is enough to show that they’re all about variety. 


From antique, art deco and modern to traditional, the Los Angeles Rug store Lawrence of La Brea has virtually every kind of rug you could want, while also using various weave techniques. And they’re known for catering to the stars. A rug of theirs was featured in a piece about Maria Sharapova’s home decor. 


The Los Angeles rug store Lawrence of La Brea, despite being a large institution, is locally owned, and customers are often dealing directly with the owner. In a world where so much business is done wholesale and internationally, it’s reassuring to have a personal touch.  


And that personal touch extends to their online presence, with much of the blog being authored by owner David Nourafshan himself. Nourafshan has over 25 years experience in the business.


You rarely get such an inside look at what makes a rugmaker tick. They often interview various rug designers as well, who further provide insights into what makes a rug special. 


L.A. is a city well-known for being on the pulse of the nation, at least culturally. They produce the majority of our entertainment, so they have to be. As a result, Lawrence of La Brea has some of the finest modern rugs in the country. 


Whatever rug you’re searching for, the Los Angeles rug store Lawrence of La Brea houses a uniquely vast selection. In any city known for fanciful interior design, it’s sort of expected. 


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