How to Prepare to Sell Your House in Essex

Successfully selling a property in Essex can be a challenge. But when you rise to that challenge and put all your energies behind the task, you can get the right buyer for your house with minimal stress. You need a little planning, forethought and hard work to get achieve the best results. Check out these tips for preparing your home so you’re ready to put it on the market.

Look at the Outside

First impressions count. This is true in life as well as in the housing market. So, step outside your property and look carefully at it from a distance. Compare how your house appears in relation to your neighbours’ homes. If your house looks in worse condition than the rest, it’s time to act. Keep your lawn mown and the gardens tidy. Paint the window frames and clear your gutters. Fix those uneven paving slabs and tidy away the broken swing set. Make the exterior of your property say that you are a responsible homeowner and your property is good value and well-maintained.

Make it Less Personal

You love the interior of your house with all your ornaments and your family photos. But when you are trying to sell your property, take them all down. Advice from estate agents Essex experts is to remove all the items that personalise your home. Potential buyers want to work out how they can imagine living their own lives in the house. You don’t want to add clutter that prevents them from achieving this vision.

Clear Your Clutter

Everyone collects things over the years. But selling your house is the exact time you need to de-clutter. Not only does this process help streamline your home and make everything look cleaner and more professional, it will also help you when you are moving. Go through everything and donate, sell or recycle what you do not need or want. You’ll be grateful you did this when it comes to moving day.

Take Away Furniture

Make your rooms look more spacious by removing items of furniture that make your house look crowded. You don’t have to get rid of it permanently. Rent a storage unit to take away the things you don’t need. It may seem radical but this tip can really make a difference to how people view your home.

Clean and Clean Some More

Don’t just go over the surface with a duster. Clean deeply in all the rooms of your home. Clean all your windows from the inside and the exterior. Dust your furniture and your light fittings, and don’t forget your skirting boards. Make sure your floors are clean and vacuumed. Clean out your fridge and make sure your cupboards are aired and everything is deodorised. And don’t cook anything that leaves an odour, particularly the night before a viewing.

Leave the House

Don’t hang around during the viewing. You’ll make the potential buyers nervous and there is no point in getting under the estate agent’s feet. If people feel awkward, you are less likely to make a stellar first impression.



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