How To Make The Most Out Of Your Garage

Garages are often seen as a lesser exciting part of the house and 90% of the time, they become just another place for storage. After all, we don’t all have a huge luxury home full of drawing rooms, libraries, cinemas and built in wardrobes!

 However, using your garage as purely a dumping ground is a waste of what can be quite an advantageous room. By becoming savvy with your storage (or simply clearing out years’ worth of dust ridden stuff), you are actually extending your house and creating a versatile piece of space.

 Evander, an emergency locksmith and door company, have come up with a couple of ideas to help revamp that wasted space with some great hints and tips to really get the most of your extra space. One of these ideas is to use your garage to create a home gym; this is perfect for those who enjoy keeping fit, or are looking to lose a few pounds and get into a fitness routine.

Nowadays, gym memberships can become quite costly and as such, many of us prefer to work out at home. At least, you think you do until we realise our dumbbells and treadmills have been gathering dust under the bed or in the corner.

One of the grave mistakes when buying equipment for your own home is having it in your bedroom. Like working in your room, your bedroom should be a place of zen and only associated with rest because it can make it harder for you to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Clearing space in your garage and making room for a home gym is a frugal yet savvy way to keep fit; not only are you saving on a gym membership, the cost of travel and valuable time!

 Check out the handy little check list to make sure you are all equipped and get those garage doors open:


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