Home Improvement Ideas That Add Style and Value

A stagnant housing market has meant that rather than sell, many people are looking to improve their homes to create more space, a better living environment and if thought out carefully add value to their home for sale in the future. There are some simple things you can do to achieve this.

Choose projects that will reap benefits when you do sell

Personal taste often leads many people to carry out questionable renovations to their home. If you are making improvements, but may look to sell at some point in the future, you should always take into consideration the effect any renovations will have on the resale value of your home. Think about the long term effects while making your home more liveable now. Even better, if you make energy saving changes you can start to recoup the costs almost immediately. Home improvements do not have to be carried out all at once. Take your time and do it in stages, this will help you plan your budget more effectively.

The least permanent home improvements are those that simply update furniture. As this is something you can take with you when you move, you don’t need to think about resale value. You can easily transform a room by replacing tired old furniture with some luxury furniture and should you ever grow tired of it, good pieces will always sell well. The kitchen is an important room in the home and can make or break the sale of a house. Remodelling the kitchen is a great investment. A fully equipped modern kitchen is a joy to have and will certainly boost the value of your home. One word of advice though, it should still fit in with the rest of the house, so if you have a quaint country style house choose a kitchen that blends with rather than jars with the rest of the home.

If you only have one bathroom, it can be a good investment and good for large family life to add another. If you have space you don’t use, even small spaces you can easily fit in an additional bathroom or toilet that makes life easier and will add value. You can also save money and attract buyers by installing double glazing and adding energy efficient insulation. Make sure you comply with current standards to give your home a top energy rating and you may even be able to avail of government grants to carry out a project like this.

Don’t overlook the small improvements

Keep your home up to a certain standard. That way the small jobs never turn into big jobs. Keep cracks filled in, give a fresh coat of paint to grubby looking walls, update with luxury furniture, fix leaks and rotting wood promptly and keep on top of any damp areas. Ensure wiring and plumbing is in tip top condition and the garden area is kept neat and tidy. These are things that keep a home looking and functioning well and the things a prospective buyer will notice.


Anne Carhill writes regularly on home improvement for a range of lifestyle and interior design websites and blogs. For more tips on making your home the best it can be, click here.

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