Home design softwares: a matter of projection… but not only

Who has never dreamt about conceiving his own house, from the flooring to the number of stairs? Nowadays, commissioning the construction of an habitation is quite common and much more affordable than in the old days. In this context, to help customers define their real needs and think towards the future, the use of home design software is now inevitable. As a matter of fact, there is a widespread usage of these. But what’s really the point in using such tools and how do they work?


What’s a home design software and why using it?


A home design software is mostly intended to help engineering and architecture departments to build the plans of a customer’s “perfect house”. Using this software, architects can from now on give tangible form to every part of the house, as wanted by the customer. This rendering, ordered by the housebuilder, will be shown to the client and is absolutely central to the purchase process since it helps the buyer really envisage the future.


So, we can reasonably all agree on the efficiency of home design software. But here’s the problem: they still reveal themselves to be really complex to use. As a result, plan’s realisation can take weeks and every change suggested by the customer has to be performed by a full-trained employee of the engineering and architecture department.


To save time, how about permitting the sales representatives to use their proper home design software? After all, they are the ones playing the role of first line protagonist in the customer relationship.


A home design software created by professionals, for professionals


Cedreo’s home architecture software has been designed to be easily easy-to-use by every sale representative as it requires no specialized skills and it already contains all the necessary features and advanced 3D modeling tools. Thanks to this software, house’s plans can be created in about one hour and modified straight away, even in front of the customer. Once this step done, the project is dispatched to the engineering and architecture department for technical validation.


What a competitive advantage to save time and sell faster! On average, the time between the first meeting and the contract’s signature is by the way reduced by 30% for Cedreo’s customers.


It should come as no surprise that at the moment, more than 2,500 professionals are already using Cedreo’s software. Home construction projects have never been so easily manageable!

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