Great ideas to make the most out of your backyard this summer

Summer time means spending time outdoors, entertaining friends, enjoying bbq’s, and taking pleasure in late night reads sitting in your backyard – if you’re lucky enough to have one that is! There are numerous benefits to having a garden in your home. Not only is it an extra space that will increase the value of your property, it is versatile and can be adapted in many ways according to your preference. Having a backyard space will enable you to relax outdoors; invite guests over, and is great for children to be able to play outside in a safe environment. Here are a few more great ways to make the most out of your backyard this summer.

Create illusions of a bigger space

One problem you might face if you have a garden but live in the city or a small neighbourhood is that it can limit the space and size of the area. With some clever, creative thought, you can have your backyard looking bigger than it actually is. Sedum sarmentosum plants are fast growing and known for their rapid ground covering capabilities, and are a great way to invigorate and refresh dull and tired surfaces during the summer and create illusions of a bigger space. Another way to give the illusion that your garden is twice the size it actually is, is by fitting in specially made garden mirrors. They are most effective at giving your outdoor area a new dimension when placed around growing plants, according to the experts. In order to keep the mirror illusion going during long summer evenings is by making sure you have effective lighting fitted which will also make your backyard seem bigger. Lampcommerce has an extensive selection that can do exactly this.

Get creative with concrete

If you find yourself living in a place with only concrete to occupy your garden, it’s time to colour things up a bit. Although concrete’s not the most attractive, and growing pretty flowers and plants would ideally be better during the summer months, you can still be creative and enjoy your backyard. Rather than planting flowers, potted plants are a great alternative and need less maintenance. Having concrete also means not having to cut and water the grass every couple of weeks. What’s more is that decking can be applied to your garden, creating a patio area accompanied by outdoor furniture where you’ll be able to enjoy bbq’s and dinner parties with friends.

Dining Alfresco in your home

When the sun is shining it’s a good excuse to eat outside. Having an outdoor meal, such is the Mediterranean way of life of dining on patios and balconies are a relaxing way to enjoy your backyard. You may not have the privilege of such spaces to do this however simple decorating ideas creates a stage that can be adapted to your own garden patio to. Adding garden furniture such as a dining table and chairs is an essential part of being able to enjoy a meal outdoors. Adding decorative table cloths and seat covers will give a Mediterranean feel, accompanied by subtle lighting to create a special atmosphere as the sun sets. Hanging lights are perfect to produce a calming outdoor atmosphere during the warm nights, and an Axo light is often a popular choice for this.


With some great ideas on how to utilise your backyard this summer no matter how big or small it is, it’s time to send out the invites and enjoy outdoor living!

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