Give Your Kitchen a Minimalist Vibe with these 4 Easy Steps!

Have you lost your passion for cooking? Take a quick glance at your kitchen. Sometimes, the main reason why you are not too interested about making your own dishes is that your kitchen is disheveled and messy. If your knives and other kitchen utensils are not properly organized in one shelf, you will spend more time in looking for them rather than actually using these tools. 

Depending on the size and the state of your cooking area, you might need a lot of time to clean and organize it. However, all your efforts won’t go to waste. Once your kitchen is tidy, you can surely enjoy preparing your own meals. So to help you out, here is a handy article that will give you some useful tips for giving a minimalist vibe to your kitchen

1.  Give each item its own space

This is an essential step in making your cooking area clutter-free. Designate a specific area where you can keep your kettles and toasters. For silverware and small utensils, you can place them in drawers. Plates and small appliances should be placed on cupboards. For other items that are not commonly used, you can store them in closets or shelves. 

2. Throw any unnecessary items

One of the most common blunders that households make is keeping too much stuff and putting them all together in tight spaces. If you keep practicing this habit, it will become too difficult for you to store other objects and find them. And when you can’t cram other utensils in that space, you tend to just leave them on the counter, thus, making your kitchen more cluttered-looking. 

Check your shelves and cabinets. What are the items that you don’t really use? Maybe you can throw some of your utensils, especially those that are damaged beyond repair. In addition, make sure that your counter top is always clean and uncluttered.

3. Remove items that are not for cooking

With so many cabinets and shelves, a kitchen is one of the most convenient places for keeping items. But sometimes, people go overboard with using these storage spaces. Aside from silverware and plates, they hide other small trinkets like keys, purses, mail, and other junk.

Remove all these things from your cabinets, and relocate them to a more appropriate place.

 4. Keep your small appliances out of sight

One of the reasons why your counter looks cluttered is that you place frequently-used items there. This is usually done for convenience.

If you think about it, these items are more of a clutter rather than needed instruments. Take a look at coffee maker for example. Generally-speaking, you only spend 9 minutes to make a cup of coffee. Afterwards, it will stay unused in the counter for the rest of the day. 

Instead of placing them on top of the counter, you can store them on shelves or cupboards that are easy to access.

Do you know other minimalist tips? Share them in the comments section!

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