Give Your Home a 5-Step Makeover

Decorating your home is never as easy as it could be with all kinds of different considerations, essentials and expenses to take into account. Part of the fun of decorating is getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, transforming your tired old room, home or garden into something more modern, vibrant and ‘you.’

Many people are put off doing any of the decorating or renovations themselves for the fear of getting it wrong and ending up out of pocket or spending more than they can afford. Getting the professionals in is a good idea; after all, it ensures that any complex parts of the revamp are done properly – such as the lighting and putting shelves or brackets on the wall for you to mount your television. However, this is another expense that many people could do without and just another part of the project.

To try and cut down the stress and time involved, you can do a lot of things yourself and relatively inexpensively, too. Here are five things that you can do to turn your tired, outdated home into something truly unique, and truly you.

  • Lighting

In many homes it’s actually the lighting that exposes some of the downfalls. The house itself might be beautiful, but if the wrong areas are lit up it can expose cracks in the walls or leave the more important areas in the dark. Ensuring that any features in the room, such as light walls or pictures or even flowers on a table, are well lit, you can transform a room. New lights on the ceiling or even lamps on the wall or coffee tables can make a room seem much brighter and even give the perception that it is much larger than it actually is.

  • Curtains

Curtains, blinds and shades are another key part of the room, and a relatively inexpensive factor to change. The go-to options always seem to be curtains, drapes or blinds that just block out the sun and prying eyes at night, when in actual fact they can add a touch of class to a room. There are all kinds of different window treatments as well as curtains and blinds that come in a variety of shades and styles that will make any room look classy, whether it’s your front room, bathroom or bedroom.

  • Furniture

It’s easy to say that because you’re decorating you’ve got to start again from scratch, but a lot of the time certain things can be given a new lease of life – the furniture being one of the finest examples. You may have a sofa in your living room that has been around for years and is starting to fray at the seams. Rather than investing in a whole new suite because of this, get an expert to come and repair it for you. That way you can feel better about the furniture in your home – perception is one of the biggest influences and seeing something worn out or broken inspires us to throw it away – and even tailor your new design to meet the existing furniture or theme.

  • Storage

Clutter is one of the biggest factors that forces a homeowner to decorate their home. They see mess everywhere they go and they’re forced to either throw it away or do something with it, only to realise that they have nowhere to put it and the process begins. Providing stylish storage solutions can not only give you somewhere to keep the “clutter you can’t chuck” but it can also fit in as an eye-catching part of the room, similarly to a vase or picture.

  • Unique Touches

While a lot of the things you choose to decorate with might come from a shop, giving a unique touch to your home is essential. Splashing “you” all over it can make your home truly unique and will also make it a much happier place for you to spend your time, making you want to rush home after work rather than dreading it. Colours you like, flowers that you love and designs that show off your tastes can all do this in abundance.

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