Get Growing – Apps To Get You Started

Mobile technology has effectively made its way into everyday gardens as well as into large-scale agriculture. It’s become a valuable tool for helping novices and professionals alike better manage their gardens and farms. Specialized apps now provide home gardeners and professional farmers with expert advice and information about their plants. What’s more, mobile devices from HTC One offer users access to the most gardening apps, while providing a durable all-metal body, and combined with T-Mobile’s no-extra-charge premium protection plans, make them some of the best mobile devices for taking into the field and out in the garden.

Apps for the everyday gardener, like My Garden Designer and Burpee Garden Coach, can now provide personalized garden design advice and garden tutoring. Gardeners who use apps like Garden Compass have the tools of an entire plant laboratory right at their fingertips to receive plant health diagnoses and advice. There’s even an app called Life, which organizes your garden information and tells you when to tend your garden.

The appification of growing has also made significant headway into big agriculture, where apps like eFarmer, ScoutPro Corn Consulting, and Farmer’s Edge Laboratories provide farmers with accurate information about crop progress, identify weeds, insects, and plant diseases, and provide farm data using satellite and drone-collected information, respectively. There are even apps like Blossom to control irrigation or Edyn to monitor soil and weather conditions. Read on to learn more about how mobile technology is helping us to grow our plants.

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