Five Factors You Need to Consider When Buying New Office Chairs

It is not a huge surprise when one of your employees approaches you and complains about back pain. You may wonder what caused this problem, which leads you to set off an investigation. You see, your employees spend large amounts of time sitting and working. If they are working 40 hours a week, as a conservative estimate, they might spend ½ of that time sitting. You later find out that your chair is the number-one culprit. So you finally make up your mind to buy new office chairs.

When looking for new office chairs, you must first consider the following factors:

Lumbar support

If you are looking for a way to ease your employees’ back problems, then you need to make sure that your new chairs have sufficient lumbar support. Not only that, they must cover the head and neck areas, all the way down to the lower back. Lumbar support also means that your employees are able to recline their backs to shift a portion of their body weight to the backrest, relieving pressure on the spinal column.



This is very important because of the difference in the height of your employees. Fortunately, most office chairs are now made with adjustable heights. But still, you need to choose adjustable chairs that have a wide range of adjustments. Aside from height adjustability, there are also chairs that have adjustable widths of the seat, backrest angles, and tension control. You should also consider how the chair is being adjusted or controlled.


Overall, you need a chair for your employees, but each of your employees has different tasks to accomplish. You need to consider how the chair will be used by your employees. For example, if your employee works around the conference table, they need a chair with base wheels. Another example is when they work in a highly sensitive room. In this case, they need to use a clean room chair.

Wheel base

If the office chair you like to buy is bigger, then it is necessary for it to have base wheels, unless you want your employees to further suffer from backaches from lifting heavy chairs every time they want to move. In addition to this, a wheel base can be very helpful to transport the chair from one place to another. Your employees do not have to stand just to reach an object. Instead, they can simply roll towards that object while remaining in a sitting position. When looking for a wheel base, consider, too, what your floor surface is made of. If it is carpeted, for example, then look for a wheel base specially designed for carpet surfaces.

Materials used

The materials used will determine the durability and the comfort a chair can offer. For example, leather is known for longer use while a mesh finish can help circulate air through the chair. You can also choose between plastic and metal. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

These are just some of the factors that you need to consider when buying new office chairs. It might sound too meticulous, but you need to ponder upon your options to arrive at the right choices.

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