Finding furniture for the office to blend in at home

Many people do some work at home, either through choice or sometimes necessity to stay on top of your workload. Either way, working from home can easily take over your house if you have not created a designated home working space. Unsightly clutter can gather and your home no longer feels like one.

Tips for creating a good home working space
If you are lucky and have the space, you will be able to dedicate an entire room to office space. A separate office / study is easy to keep contained, even if you are untidy; you can just shut the door on it when work is done! If space is an issue, you will have to be more imaginative and perhaps create office space out of a spare corner, hallway or even under the stairs.


The office furniture you choose becomes very important if your office space is created in a shared room. It will need to compliment your existing ddcor and perhaps be constructed to fit into some unusual spaces. One thing is paramount; you need to choose furniture that is comfortable, particularly your desk chair. The chair should be the correct height for your desk and therefore an adjustable one is probably a good idea. Good ergonomic chairs will be more expensive, but this is a worthwhile long term investment.

If you can, create a separate sitting area away from your desk. It is good to get a break from sitting at a computer and the change of scene can help you think better. You can make this area quite comfortable and relaxed; sites such as Calibre do a great variety of seating options for your office.

A home office should be well lit, ideally natural light, but this may not be possible if you have created an office under the stairs or in the basement. If this is the case, try to place a variety of lighting sources so that you can pick and choose. You might need task lighting, overhead lighting or desk lighting. The important thing is to have options, as the availability of natural light changes throughout the day.

Stay clean and organised
Most people don’t like to work in a messy environment, although it can be difficult to keep the mess and clutter under control. Try not to eat lunch at your desk, as those crumbs get everywhere. An office comes with a lot of clutter. Keep yourself organised with a variety of storage solutions including cupboards, drawers and desk tidy systems for bits and pieces of stationery. You will find a good range of office storage solutions at Calibre. Offices start to look untidy after a while as we let clutter build up, so every now and then, get ruthless and get rid of all the stuff you really don’t need lying about. You will work better in a clean and peaceful environment. Try to keep wires and cables tidy and hidden away from view too. Decorate with some art, plants or other personal touches if you like, but do try to keep the space only for work to separate work space and personal space.


Sandra Bonner writes regularly on interior design for a range of home and office furniture websites and blogs, including Calibre furniture.

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