Decorating Your Dream Home

Decorating Your Dream Home

You have bought your dream home, signed the paperwork and you are ready to move in. Congratulations! All that is left is to look at is how you are going to decorate this blank canvas and add in your personality. This can be confusing, especially as the trends in interior design change as much as they do in fashion, so to give you a helping hand, here are some tips to help you create your dream interior.


Look at what you already have.

You may not have liked how your old possessions worked in your last house, but one of the first things to do is to look at what you do have and keep items that will work. You may want to keep only your larger items of furniture such as your beds, sofas and wardrobes. This is then a starting point to build upon.

If you have chosen to keep your sofa, for example, you will then need to look at how you can build upon this for the future. Firstly look for companies that stock a wide range of mirrors, paintings and soft furnishings. Having the knowledge of what is available will help you to pick the items from your old home that you want to keep hold of.


Pick the colours

Picking the colours and patterns for your walls is the best place to start work straight away. These choices will have a direct reflection over the styling picks for later on, for example, if you chose a neutral tone then you may want to inject some colour/pattern into your home using cushions, ornaments and throws.

Choosing the right colours can be difficult, but there are some rules you can follow to help you. Look at the furniture you already have to see if there are any colours that could be accented on singular walls. This is a great way to unify your home without everything matching. For example, if you have a patterned vase and you love one of the colours, why not replica that colour throughout your home.


Take your time

Like with many things, homes need to be lived in before you can inject your personality into them and this is especially true if you have a property that is newly built. Give it some time before you start to populate the rooms with decorative items. There are many stores out there that will help you to make these important decisions and it is always advisable to get as much of an overview as possible. For example a search of Littlewoods Ireland mirrors brings up numerous results for round, long, thin, bathroom, hallway and living room mirrors. This is where knowing your home’s personality is so important, wrong decisions will stick out like a sore thumb.


Get Practical

Many of us get worried by the prospect of DIY, but it can be one of the best ways to save some money when decorating your home – plus it is great fun. We’re not talking about knocking down walls or ripping up old carpets, but more of a way to turn the drab into shiny new items.

If you dislike the existing kitchen cabinets then, instead of buying a full kitchen suite, have you considered sanding them down and painting them in a colour that better suits your personality? There are thousands of kitchen paints you can buy and also cupboard handles that can make a dramatic difference. The same can be said for tiles. If you have a bathroom that is completely tiled and you hate it, instead of hiring someone to change all the tiles, why not buy some tile paint or even the latest craze of tile stickers. Functional and fun, by doing the jobs yourself you will get a great sense of achievement.

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