Create a Memorable Wedding in 4 Steps

No matter what you do, your wedding is
likely going to be memorable for you and your significant other. Most people
cherish their wedding days as the most significant moment of their lives until
their first child comes along. However, with just a few extra twerks you can
make sure that your wedding is memorable to your guests as well.

Adding a few extras here and there is
all it takes to create a wedding that everyone will remember and possibly take
some of their own inspiration from.

with the Invites

Start working on a memorable wedding
from the start by creating wedding invitations
with photos
. Mixbook offers a variety of different templates to choose
from so you can create fun, sincere, classic, or embellished wedding
invitations to send to your friends and family members. If your wedding
invitation immediately strikes a chord with the people you invite, you will set
a very positive tone for your wedding. Your guests and friends will likely be
wondering what is going to come next and you can have fun planning that out.
Adding a photo is a great way to cement you and your fiancé as a couple and
offer a sneak peek to guests.

the Right DJ

Maybe you are a hipster that only likes
indie-alternative hits or maybe your fiancé only likes classical music. It’s
great that you have your own specialized list of tunes, but avoid breaking out
this list for your wedding. A dance floor that remains empty because it is
impossible to dance to an obscure set of tunes is not doing anyone any favors.
Feel free to play one or two songs that may be more obscure if they mean
something to you and your fiancé, but for the most part keep the tunes
danceable and guests are going to have a lot more fun.

Out the Veil for Comfort

Everyone wants to look like a princess
on their wedding day, and that is perfectly acceptable during your ceremony and
the beginning of the reception when you are announced and take part in the
standard rituals. However, after the cake has been served and all of the
requisite pictures have been taken, consider swapping out your veil for a long
white dress that you can actually move around in. You will have much more fun
celebrating with your loved ones, and people will remember their interactions
with you more positively. They also likely will think its pretty cool that you
did your own thing.

in Welcome Bags

You are not going to be able to greet
all of your guests personally, especially if you have a large guest list. Therefore,
consider skipping the standard small favor bags and create welcome bags for
your guests that they can pick up when they arrive. Add locally sourced snacks
or souvenirs and then toss in some hangover cures or waterproof kits to give
them a little smile and help them remember your gesture long after the wedding.

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