Common Causes of Wall and Floor Cracks

Most people have no idea just how challenging it can be to own a home. There are a number of responsibilities that have to worry about as a homeowner. The best way to make sure your home stays in good shape is by keeping an eye out for repair issues. The sooner you are able to catch issues and have them fixed, the easier you will find it to have your home running at peak condition. Among the most alarming repair issues you will face in your home is cracking in your walls or floors. The following are a few of the common causes of having cracks in your walls and floors.

Extreme Weather Changes

One of the most common reasons you will have cracks in your walls and floors is due to extreme temperature changes. The hot and cold temperatures you experience throughout the year will make the materials inside of your home expand and contract on a frequent basis. The more severe the weather changes become in a home, the more of a risk you will have of cracks appearing. As soon as you start to notice that this is happening, you need to call in a professional right away.

A Bad Home Foundation

Another very serious problem which will cause cracking in your walls and floor is a bad foundation. If the foundation your home is sitting on shifts or was not properly constructed in the first place, then you will experience a number of different issues. The longer you allow this type of problem to persist, the harder you will find it to get the damages fixed in an inexpensive way. A professional will be able to fix the problems with your foundation in a hurry.

Putting Too Much Weight On These Surfaces

Yet another very common problem that will cause this type of cracking is having too much weight on them. If you hang a light fixture on the wall that is clearly too heavy, then you run the risk of it cracking the ceiling and the wall. The same goes for putting furniture that is too heavy on the floors. By paying attention to the weight you are putting on these surfaces, you will be able to avoid having cracks in your walls and floors. Make sure you consult with a professional when you find yourself in need of  repairs to your walls or flooring.

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