Cheap and easy DIY to increase the value of your home

The house market is a particularly volatile market, with sellers consistently getting the raw end of a deal; either selling below price or sales falling through at the last minute. In order to get the most for your house, it is therefore important to make your house as appealing as possible in order to get the highest value possible for it. Undergoing a full renovation is out of question for most as it can be expensive, inconvenient and timely, but making some small home improvements can increase your house value without much effort.

Renew the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the selling points of any house; have a dingy kitchen and you instantly knock down the asking price. If your cabinets are neutral and in relatively good condition, these can be kept but consider changing the handles so they’re more modern. New hardware such as handles can instantly update a room and make the cabinets look much newer. Update the walls by painting a neutral wall and polish up the floors.

Update the bathroom

The bathroom comes in at a close second when it comes to making a financial impact on the sale. Small improvements such as replacing the shower head, light switch and cleaning the grout and seals to be free of mildew can have a big impact without costing much or taking up time.

Fix the floors

If you’ve been living in your house for a long period of time, chances are your floor is going to be looking worse for wear. Wooden floors can be sanded down and refinished so that scratches and scuffs are minimised, and if a carpet is looking particularly bedraggled it may be worth replacing it with a neutral but inexpensive carpet.

Clear up the ceilings

If your house has been succumbed to the dreaded popcorn ceiling, it’s an update you can’t afford not to do. Luckily they’re relatively easy to get rid of, although it is worth getting a professional to check beforehand to make sure there is no asbestos. If you don’t want to remove the ceiling, laying up white painted wood can be an unusual but attractive option which is relatively neutral enough that it won’t deter potential buyers.

If you don’t have popcorn ceiling but want to revamp it, consider painting it the same colour as your walls. This adds height to a room by elongating the walls and can really increase how large the room is perceived.

Switch up the curtains

A good way of opening up a house is by switching blackout, dark or heavy curtains for light or sheer versions as it brings in natural light, thereby opening up the space. Light coloured curtains are also much better at enabling potential buyers to imagine what colour scheme they would opt for.

Clean up

Despite the fact that most homeowners clean their house before moving out, dirty or messy houses can be a big turn off to potential buyers. Make sure your home is clutter free for viewings and consider investing in a professional deep clean. Not only will they ensure your house is dust and dirt free, they’ll get into the hidden areas you’ve abandoned over the years and ensure your house really is spick and span.

Increase your curb appeal

The first thing a visitor sees is the front of your house so increasing your curb appeal is a good investment. Mow the lawn and plant grass in any bare patches. Trim the

If you’re not planning on moving for a while or have a bigger budget to spend, spending money on a partial renovation can really up the value of your house. Simply switching up worn out doors for internal French doors like these from Emerald Doors, replacing the kitchen cabinet fronts and replacing carpet with wooden flooring can add double the price you pay on to the value of your house.

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