Traditional Tank Water Heater Vs. Tankless Water Heater: Which Is Better for Your Home?

A water heater is probably one of your most expensive but essential investments. That's why when it's time to buy a new one, you need to consider the durability, price, efficiency, size, type, etc. While the average lifespan of home water heaters is anywhere between 8 to 20 years, it's generally recommended to replace them after 10 years.    Before you choose a brand or model, you have to decide between the two main types of water heater - the traditional water heater and the tankless Read more [...]

Don’t Let These Household Problems Go Unaddressed

Sometimes, we will see a crack or a scratch somewhere around our home, not paying it much attention. Other times, we’re too busy to address a problem and we learn to live with it — putting a mop bucket underneath a pesky drip every time it rains. However, there are some issues that should never be brushed off or added to a honey-do list. The problem with letting a problem go unaddressed is that it can often grow into a bigger issue as time goes on. Whether you want to try your hand at a DIY project Read more [...]

Why are Steel Windows an Excellent Option for Any Property? Here’s Your All-Important Guide

There are several good reasons why property owners still go for steel windows even with the emergence of other materials like aluminium or even PVC, and the steel windows of today are even more efficient and boast a range of designs. If you want your windows to be not only strong and secure but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and contribute to your property's appeal, then steel windows will always be a definitive and obvious choice. But what exactly makes them unique? Why are steel windows Read more [...]

How to Improve the External Appearance of Your House

People always talk about interior design; but what about the exterior of your home? After all, this is what most people see when driving or walking past on the street. It’s more important than one may realise because even newly built homes can look run down if their exterior hasn’t been maintained properly. So, how do you go about improving the external appearance of your home? We’re going to answer this question by providing the best tips on making your house look as good on the outside as Read more [...]

Check Out How You Can Connect Your Home

If you've been looking for ways to simplify your daily routine, you should consider automating your home with smart devices. With an integrated home automation system, you can monitor appliances, water usage, security, and even air conditioning with Skelton's Air— even on the go. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off before you leave the house or wonder if you remembered to lock the front door. If you're busy cooking dinner, you can control devices in other rooms of Read more [...]

Home Renovation – 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of people talk about home renovation in a blasé way, but depending on the scope of the project it can be a colossal undertaking. After all, it’s an investment that may require a considerable commitment of financial resources. In actuality, even smaller-scale renovations such as bathroom makeovers can easily put a dent in the bank. The good news is that these types of projects don’t necessarily have to be expensive endeavours to pursue. And by avoiding many of the pitfalls and common Read more [...]

3 Television Shows to Inspire Your Home Remodeling Plans

While people may still remember the housing market crash of 2008, the corresponding rebound has made real estate investing a hot topic! One of the most popular ways to explore the benefits of property investing is by redesigning or remodeling older properties. Who doesn't love to watch an old home get the makeover that it deserves?   Thanks to the rise of reality television remodeling shows via networks like HGTV, numerous programs have been released over the past decade or so. There came Read more [...]

Do You Have Old Oak Beams? Here’s Why You Should Retain and Restore Them

Wooden beams have been around for centuries, and they have certainly been used in many homes and buildings not just to lend character and personality to the property or abode, but also to give it more structural integrity. Beams are highly useful and practical, that’s for sure, but if you have old oak beams in your property and are thinking of what you can do with them, there are plenty of reasons why you should retain and restore them rather than do away with them altogether. In fact, doing away Read more [...]

Ways to Increase Your Property’s Appeal by Renovating Your Yard

Are you planning a home improvement? You’re on the right track. Many homeowners who want to improve their homes’ appearance are also doing this. While most renovations are focused on a home’s interior, it pays to get outside and see what needs to be updated. Besides adding a few touches to your kitchen, you can do something about your yard to make it more beautiful. With a few tweaks here and there, you can always achieve the home exterior renovation you desire. And that shouldn’t Read more [...]

Things to Think About When Having Carpets and Blinds Installed in Your Home

Apart from improving your home’s décor, carpets and blinds also insulate your house, making it feel warmer. Carpets provide comfort when you need to sit around the fireplace. Your kids will play around better and get lesser injuries when there is a carpet in the house. Blinds are also beneficial especially when combined with curtains. Curtains and blinds offer better insulation and increased privacy. If you are planning to get carpets & blinds installed into your home, there are several things Read more [...]