Low maintenance garden landscaping

Having a beautiful garden is something that most of us would like, but not all of us are prepared to put in the effort. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your garden than maintaining it, these garden landscaping ideas are perfect for you. Get rid of your lawn One of the most time-consuming features in a garden is a lawn. It requires watering, de-weeding, mowing and planting seeds. By digging up your existing grass and replacing it, you cut back a lot of time and effort needed to maintain Read more [...]

Good Materials for Outdoor Furniture

If you have a patio or a deck, you will need to buy some furniture for it. Otherwise, you and your guests are going to need to stand the next time you have a cookout or a party at your home. There are many types of outdoor furniture to choose from. The materials that you choose for your outdoor furniture to be made from really comes down to personal preference and the style your home is decorated in. Here are some good materials for outdoor furniture. 1. Wicker Wicker patio chairs are a nice Read more [...]

Landscape Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you know that you’ll want to do everything that you can to make it your castle. However, if you’re limited on funds, you may be wondering what you can do with your overgrown lot. The following landscape ideas are for Homeowners on a tight budget. Implement a Plan Before you begin to plant shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers, you want to come up with the right plan. If you’re trying to achieve a stunning outdoor space come spring, you need to find Read more [...]

How to Set Up an Attractive Chicken Coop in Your Garden

A chicken coop is a great addition to your garden if you want to get free, fresh eggs every day, you enjoy the company of chickens (they really do make great pets), or you want a little extra help with pest control. But a standard chicken coop may not be attractive enough for your needs. Thankfully, there are many ways to set up an attractive coop that will keep your chickens safe and comfortable and keep your garden looking beautiful too. Continue reading for a few tips. The Right Siding and Accessories First Read more [...]

4 Tips for Home Landscaping

Maybe you just purchased a new home, or perhaps you want to add a new twist to your current home.  Whatever the case, landscaping is great way to add curb appeal and value - not to mention it’s lovely to look at and adds a lot of charm!  And to help you get started in the process, here are a few tips. 1. Do Some Research Before you start tearing up the grass and sticking random plants into the ground in a haphazard fashion, read some books or browse some websites or even drive around to check Read more [...]

How to garden organically

One of the main reasons many of us turn to growing our own produce is to control the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides we expose ourselves to via food. Organic fruit and vegetables used to be something that only hippies and tree huggers would go for, but it’s increasingly becoming a dirty word in the general public. They have been linked to diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and washing your fruit and vegetables does little to rid them of pesticides. Worse still, commercially Read more [...]

Can you create a garden pond on a budget?

So the summer is coming and you have always wanted that garden pond feature so you can sit out in the garden on those lazy summer afternoons. Well why not? Having a pond in your garden doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of the hard work can be done by you, simply decide on where you are having the pond, the shape you would like and most importantly the size. By opting for a smaller pond you are straight away bringing the cost down. But you can still make the pond stunning and the centre piece Read more [...]

Tips For Creating A Stunning Outdoor Space This Spring

Are you less than happy with the way in which your garden appears at the moment? That’s almost certainly because we’ve just come out of the cold months, and so you didn’t spend so much time performing essential maintenance. With a view to helping you out, we’ve published a number of excellent and useful tips to get you started. When all’s said and done, the springtime is the best time to make improvements. The weather is a little warmer, but it is not yet time to invite your friends to Read more [...]

Spring Clean your Garden

As the days begin to grow a little longer, the promise of some sunshine (however weak) is enough to get us up and outside after a long, dark winter. Whilst the weather is still changeable, we can spend more time outdoors and get the garden in good shape for the summer. Swell UK have a broad range of pond essentials from pond filters to pruning scissors to see you and your garden through every season. February Planting can’t begin with earnest as frost is still very likely, but you can Read more [...]

Managing and Maintaining Your Family Pool

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than jumping into a cold pool. Your backyard can also be instantly transformed into a wonderful hangout spot for kids, friends, and family gatherings by the installation of some clear, blue water. The problem is that pools don’t automatically stay pristine and beautiful. There are a lot of issues that come up with owning a pool and in order to keep them both inviting and safe, here are the things that everyone should keep in mind before they Read more [...]