Beyond Lawn Mowing: Breaking Down the Services That Keep Your Yard Looking Warm and Welcoming

Having the perfect yard is more than tidying up garbage and mowing the lawn once a week. You need to include other aspects into your yard maintenance plan. Forgetting them could lead to a yard that isn’t very welcoming. From weeding to seeding, here are the different types of services your yard needs to keep it looking warm and welcoming. Seeding Start with the lawn. It is one of the main parts of the yard that everyone driving by will see. You want it to be full and green, not spotty and brown. Read more [...]

Prepping Your Yard for an At-Home Wedding

Having your wedding at home can be one of the most beautiful and intimate ways to say, “I do.” Whether you’re opting for an at-home wedding to save a little money on the venue, you enjoy entertaining friends and family there, or you’re an introverted bride who prefers the comfort and security of places most familiar to you, a wedding in your domicile can allow you to showcase your unique style and maybe splurge a little in areas like flowers, overall decor, and food. If you’ve decided Read more [...]

Get Growing – Apps To Get You Started

Mobile technology has effectively made its way into everyday gardens as well as into large-scale agriculture. It’s become a valuable tool for helping novices and professionals alike better manage their gardens and farms. Specialized apps now provide home gardeners and professional farmers with expert advice and information about their plants. What’s more, mobile devices from HTC One offer users access to the most gardening apps, while providing a durable all-metal body, and combined with T-Mobile’s Read more [...]

7 Great Landscaping Tips That Will Add Value to Your Home

The appearance of your yard has a significant impact on the overall value of your home with a nicely landscaped lawn often contributing to top dollar in the resale market. A house with good curb appeal also creates a powerful and lasting first impression on potential buyers, especially since many buyers use “drive-bys” and pictures in online listings now days to determine their initial interest in buying a house. If you’re looking to resell your home now or in the future, you may be wondering Read more [...]

Making Your Yard Look More Appealing

There are many reasons that you’d want your yard to look good. It may just be that you take pride in having a home that looks beautiful, on the outside and the inside. You may be having company that will be spending some time outside in your yard and you just want to make sure it looks nice or they are envious of your beautiful yard. Another reason you may want to make your yard look more appealing is that you are trying to rent, or sell, your home. Curb appeal goes a long way in attracting customers Read more [...]

Great ideas to make the most out of your backyard this summer

Summer time means spending time outdoors, entertaining friends, enjoying bbq’s, and taking pleasure in late night reads sitting in your backyard – if you’re lucky enough to have one that is! There are numerous benefits to having a garden in your home. Not only is it an extra space that will increase the value of your property, it is versatile and can be adapted in many ways according to your preference. Having a backyard space will enable you to relax outdoors; invite guests over, and is great Read more [...]

Transform Your Backyard Into A Peaceful Oasis

No matter the size you have to work with you can create a tranquil, peaceful and relaxing area to call your own or to share with family and friends by upgrading your backyard with a Koi pond and waterfall. Imagine your own private calming waterfall with Koi fish swimming in the pond. The calming sounds of the waterfall are sure to take you away as soon as you close your eyes and listen to the sound. You will be swept away to a tropical paradise so your body and mind can relax in complete comfort. Image Read more [...]

How Tree Removal Experts Work

Almost every homeowner has trees on their property. They provide shade during the summer months and are always thought of as fun to play on. There are few things better than relaxing with a glass of cold iced tea in the shade of a beautiful old tree. However, most property ownersignore their many benefits. Trees play an important role for your home as they can provide aesthetic and financial value. They also contribute to the overall environment at large, giving oxygen to the air, making photosynthesis Read more [...]

6 Must Haves for an Efficient DIY Greenhouse

If you love gardening, you have probably dreamed of tending your fruits, herbs, and vegetables year-round, or at least getting an early start. Starting seedlings can be difficult when temperatures swing in the summer and the weather is anything but predictable. Making your own greenhouse is an easy solution and surprisingly affordable. You can use salvaged materials and create a DIY greenhouse that is the right size for you and your gardening needs. Add solar energy and you can make an efficient Read more [...]

Build The Perfect Backyard Ice Rink Without Any Tools

Turn your backyard into your own winter wonderland with a backyard ice rink. Having your own ice rink means the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors on your own terms. It is a great way to get in shape, practice your figure 8's, and play hockey or just a fun and exciting way to bond with your family. And best of all, you can build it yourself without any tools! A skating rink kit enables you to build your own backyard rink without the use of tools or additional materials. Instead, the rink Read more [...]