Can you create a garden pond on a budget?

So the summer is coming and you have always wanted that garden pond feature so you can sit out in the garden on those lazy summer afternoons. Well why not? Having a pond in your garden doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of the hard work can be done by you, simply decide on where you are having the pond, the shape you would like and most importantly the size.

By opting for a smaller pond you are straight away bringing the cost down. But you can still make the pond stunning and the centre piece of your garden. To help keep the cost down you don’t have to have stock in the pond which of course means no upkeep on food etc. Possibly, the most expensive item for the pond, will the liner. Having a good quality liner will be an initial expense but will last you a life time.

As with all ponds, when installing the pond liner you have to allow an overlap to fit the pond. Covering this couldn’t be easier. If you have plants that you have had to move to make the pond, keep them safe and then re plant around the pond to create a more natural looking environment which will also attract local wildlife. You can cover larger areas by using large rocks, stones or even potted plants. Keeping the exposed liner covered will also stop direct sunlight on the liner, which in turn will stop any damages occurring.

Small or large you can decorate your pond to suit your garden and even use items you already have in your garden. Why not renovate that old bench that has been sat there for years and use that as a seating area around the pond? Creating the pond doesn’t have to be expensive but can be effective.

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