Buying a new home: the must-have characteristics

Buying a new home can be extremely stressful and time consuming – it is so easy to simply go for the first house you view. However, it is important to look for certain characteristics which are simply a must have when purchasing a new home – especially if you have little children to bring up too. Making a house into a home is no easy task; but once you have ensured you have these characteristics in a property, it makes the job a whole lot easier.

With a stunning amount of character homes for sale at The Garden Quarter in Caversfield, Bicester and surrounding areas, there is plenty to choose from. Here is your list of characteristics to look out for:

The size

It is important that you ensure the houses you are looking at will fit you and your family in. You should also allow for additional space to give you the option of expanding your family if desired in the future or extra storage space. Most of the population are currently looking for three to four bedroom properties as this is considered by professionals to be the ‘ideal house size’.

You should also decide how many bathrooms you would like and if you desire your dining room to be separate to your kitchen and living room.

Curb appeal

We all desire an attractive home – so, check out the paint and architecture of the actual property before stepping inside. This is important as it will allow you to understand how much if any work is needed on the house. It is vital to have some kind of idea of any additional expense that may be incurred.

The structure

In relation to curb appeal, you should also take note of any structural damage that may need fixing. Any structural work is expensive and time consuming; so try to steer clear of this. Also, any cracks in the foundation of the house should be taken seriously; this is going to be an expensive problem.

Schooling and neighbourhood

If you have children it is really important to ensure that the local schools are good enough for your child. The neighbourhood you choose is where your children are going to grow up – so it is recommended that you explore the area as much as possible and look around the before you purchase a property.

With these tips in mind of what to look out for when purchasing a new property – your search should be pretty straight forward.

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