Finding furniture for the office to blend in at home

Many people do some work at home, either through choice or sometimes necessity to stay on top of your workload. Either way, working from home can easily take over your house if you have not created a designated home working space. Unsightly clutter can gather and your home no longer feels like one. Tips for creating a good home working space If you are lucky and have the space, you will be able to dedicate an entire room to office space. A separate office / study is easy to keep contained, even Read more [...]

Enhance Your Home Decor With The Right Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can make a huge difference to your home and choosing the the right fixtures can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Size Matters: The size of fixture required will depend on what room it is to go in. Generally, your light fixtures should be in proportion to the size of the room and furniture. The main exception to this is if you are looking for a statement light fixture, such as a chandelier or a modern designer piece. Even if you are looking for a statement piece, the light fixture Read more [...]

Homes Should Reflect Your Personality And Can Still Be Trendy

Home decorating and 'feathering the nest' will always be a very personal thing. People still want to decorate or change their homes regularly, whatever their age, life-stage or disposable income. This article aims to talk about some of the current styles that never go out of fashion. Consider Your Colour Scheme Pastels are big at the moment, in clothing and interior design. They are easier to live with and will not 'date' as quickly as some brighter schemes. Some fail safe palettes from which to Read more [...]

Top Tips For Buying The Right Toilet For Your Home

Whether you're remodelling your bathroom or installing a downstairs cloakroom, you may think that picking out a toilet is all about good looks and nothing else. Making mistakes when buying a WC, however, can prove costly and inconvenient. These top tips will help you get the right one first time. Tip 1 - Check the Fit Not all toilet fittings are the same. The standard measurement for a toilet waste "rough-in" - that is the distance from the finished wall in the bathroom to the centre of the sewer Read more [...]

Tips and advice for shopping online for home decor

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find affordable decorative items is to shop online. However, this method of bargain hunting comes with its own unique set of challenges. Here, we discuss how you can overcome these issues and find beautiful decor items online. The comfort factor: It's a well known fact that the same piece of furniture will often be much cheaper online than it is when sold in a bricks and mortar shop. However, when you're investing in an item such as a sofa or a bed, Read more [...]