6 Ways to Help Your HVAC Last Longer

An HVAC system is a vital part of every home, keeping you cool on hot summer days and warm in winter, through circulating clean air in your house. These units work all the time, whether you’re asleep or have gone out for the day. So it’s important to take care of the system that takes care of you. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can last many years, but are expensive when they eventually need to be replaced. So, here are some tips to get the most life out of yours.


Change the Air Filters

Heating or cooling units have filters to keep debris and dust in the air from clogging them up. These filters catch particles and keep them from entering your HVAC system, but when they’ve accumulated too much it deprives the units of sufficient air, making them work harder than they need to. Filters need to be changed every month or so, depending on the type and manufacturer’s instructions.


Schedule Maintenance

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Having an HVAC professional service your heating and cooling systems once a year or so will keep everything working efficiently and catch minor problems before they become major ones. They’ll be able to thoroughly clean the systems, do any repairs that are needed, insure everything is working correctly and advise you when it’s time to install a new unit.


Keep All Registers Open

While you might be tempted to close registers in unused or low-use rooms this will actually put more strain on the system. It will reduce airflow and cause the system to work harder, thereby wearing out faster. It’s best to keep all registers open for a maximum HVAC lifespan.


Arrange Furniture for Better Airflow

Furniture or rugs blocking vents and stifling airflow can also cause the system to work too hard and wear out sooner. Make sure vents aren’t blocked and there are at least 18 inches around them for air to move freely. This will keep them working properly and your house more comfortable.


Keep Your AC’s Outdoor Unit Free From Weeds

It’s important to prune, weed and mow around the outdoor portion of an AC unit to keep it from becoming clogged and damaged. This will make it last longer and work easier. It’s also good to check it for leaves and other natural debris, especially after windstorms, rain or during autumn leaf-fall.


Use Your Ceiling Fan

You can give your HVAC a break during hot weather by letting your ceiling fan do some of the heavy lifting to circulate air around the house. This will help with cooling and redistribution of fresh air, easing up on your HVAC and insuring it will last longer.


From hiring a professional to service the system to changing filters and keeping vents clear, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your HVAC system is working well and will have a long life before it’s time to install a new unit.

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