6 Ways Shipping Container Shelters Help People in Crisis


Image by Stewart James Bim-Merle via Flicker

There’s a lot of talk about shipping containers in architecture and minimalist movements like the Tiny House Movement, and we thought we’d shed some light on what attributes of shipping container Shelters make them the most ideal solution for shelter in crisis situations.

If we left anything out, be sure to let us know in the comments –here are our top reasons why shipping containerShelters are ideal for disaster, no matter where it happens.

1. Prefabrication Can Save Time

As easy to assemble as over-sized IKEA furniture, saving time with assembly can save lives in crisis situations. Container shelters made by shipping containers can be built in a matter of hours which makes them an absolute must for organisations and first responders.

2. Shelters are Tough

Shipping container Shelters are incredibly durable, reinforced with steel beams and built out of 2 millimeter thick corten steel. With or without insulation for temperature control, shipping containers can take a beating from extreme weather and protection from the elements.

3. Security is Their Middle Name

Shipping containers can be made quite secure with little work or planning. With custom-built locking mechanisms and tough construction, it takes an incredible amount of effort from either human kind or Mother Nature to break into a converted shipping container shelter.

4. Limitless Integration and Modification

Shipping container Shelters can be integrated with the grid in every way imaginable; accessories such as power transformer boxes, water and waste water connections, telecommunications –and many other integrations can be easily installed.

Additional accessories that work great in a shipping container shelter include; power back-up, kitchens complete with cooking and refrigerating appliances, lavatories with running water, and workspaces with running power.

5. Off-Grid Ready

In contrast to being able to integrate grid-based systems, shipping container Shelters really shine in off-grid terrain. Shipping containers can be accessorized with solar panels, irrigation systems, composting toilets, wireless telecommunications and satellite, power generators, and so much more.

6. Cost-effective Solutions

For every square foot of shipping container shelter, the purchaser is obligated to pay only a small fraction of the time and cost of a brick and mortar building –without sacrificing quality, durability, or reliability.

Unexpected crises are typically quite costly, and often budget-makers are not well prepared to handle their associated expenses. Purchasing shipping container Shelters in advance can be done with in smaller expenditures to ensure a level of preparedness should an unexpected disaster or crisis situation occur.

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