5 Tips When Designing a Home to be Party-Ready

With the advent of sites like Pinterest, it is obvious that the average homemaker wants to host polished and picture-perfect parties in their homes. However, a big part of being able to host those parties is your home design. By creating spaces that flow naturally and cater to groups, you have a much better chance of pulling off the gatherings you hope to entertain. Excluding the perfect cocktail recipe, here are a few tips for designing a home that is party-ready.

Optimize Open Space

Take a cue from popular event venues around the world and optimize your open spaces. People love to have space to mingle, dance, and converse. Chairs often get in the way of the freedom of movement, so allow some spaces to remain empty. Having high or vaulted ceilings will simulate space and keep rooms from feeling overcrowded or stifling.

Offer Edible Options

If you only place one refreshment table in your home, guess which room will become the most crowded? People love to linger in areas they can get food and drink refills and will do so, often, subconsciously. Consider integrating stylish drink coolers throughout the home as well as tables to offer more refueling stations to your guests.

Create Kitchen Space

Ever hear the old adage: “too many cooks in the kitchen”? Unfortunately, the kitchen is often the most popular gathering place in the home; due in part, to the food produced there. People are going to flock to this room, so you can either spend your days tripping over them and encouraging them to leave, or you can make room for them. Consider having an open bar, so your guests can sit on the other side and chat while you prep food.

Supply Suitable Seating

One of the things most detrimental to a home party is the placement of seating. Placing chairs in tidy circles to encourage conversation will seem too restrictive to most guests. People want the opportunity to walk around while chatting and not be constrained to the conversational partners on their right and left. A good rule of thumb is that you only need enough chairs for about 25 percent of the people on your guest list and placement should be around the perimeter of rooms.

Integrate the Outdoors

If you live in a warmer climate or are hosting parties in the warmer months of the year, consider integrating the outdoors into your eligible entertaining environment. People love the opportunity to go out and get a fresh breeze and will also enjoy the chance to view your garden or lawn. Consider french doors opening outside from your main living space to allow guests to mingle indoors and out.

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