5 Hacks for Everyday Kitchen Items

Your appliances have hidden uses If you are like most people, you probably have a kitchen cupboard full of single-use appliances that you use about once a year. You also probably can’t afford to give up any more counter space to another addition to your kitchen. Check out these hacks to see if you can get more use out of some of the kitchen gadgets that you already own.

Coffee Grinder Turned Spice Mill

Everyone knows that freshly-ground spices just taste better than the dried and bottled variety. If you have a coffee grinder on hand, roast your whole spices and give them a whirl. You will end up with a fine powder that you can add to any meal for an extra boost of flavor.

Stand Mixer Turned Meat Shredder

If you do a lot of baking, you probably already use your stand mixer regularly. However, if you have ever stood with two forks trying to shred cooked chicken then you know that there must be a better – and faster – way to complete the task. Next time, try throwing the chicken into your mixer with the paddle attached. After only a few seconds, your meat will be perfectly shredded.

Toaster Turned Griller

A grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect everyday comfort food, and your toaster can make preparing it even easier. Just tip your toaster on its side and slide two slices of cheese-topped bread inside for a fast and tasty treat.

Coffee Maker Turned Toaster

If you prefer your bagels toasted, but don’t want to buy a toaster, you can place a half cut-side down on the hotplate of your coffee maker for a perfectly toasted breakfast.

Popcorn Popper Turned Pine Nut Toaster

Toasting pine nuts to golden-brown perfection can be tricky in a pan, but your popcorn maker can simplify the task with no effort at all, just by running the machine as you would to pop popcorn for movie night.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on random kitchen tools if you can use the ones you have for multitasking.

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