5 Best Tips To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

In just a few months, it will be
summer again, and you can expect a sweltering heat of up to 30°C. Though summer
is quite enjoyable in many ways, such as the beach, travel destinations,
mountain climbing, and many other outdoor activities, the experience is
different whenever you’re at home. This is because it could be too hot to chill
at home and not an ideal time for a cup of tea. 

Of course, it’s a whole different
story if you have an air conditioning system installed, but then again, you
still have to choose a specific time to use it to reduce the utility bill.
Don’t fret though, because this article rounds up the best tips that you can do
to minimise the heat in your home during summer.

Fill that insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottles are not only
good for winter for keeping your drink hot; they work well during summer too!
Fill it with cold water, then leave it in the freezer. When you return from work,
you’ll have a ready-iced cold pack in an instant for various purposes.

off the lights whenever unnecessary

One of the major sources of heat
inside your home is the light bulbs. Keep your house cooler by switching off
the lights as soon as the sun rises, and whenever an area in your home doesn’t
necessarily need lighting. 

Doing this can also save you some
money by minimising the use of electricity. Light bulbs, regardless of the
type, emit heat, so use them only when needed.

the blinds or close the curtains

Although most people will open the
curtains to let some air in, it is not recommended. This is because with the
wind also comes the heat, and you don’t want your home turning into a big oven.

Thus, curtains and blinds should be
shut the whole day to minimise the heat caused by sunlight.

your ceiling or walls.

Insulation is one of the best features
you can install in your home to keep the heat from penetrating inside. If you
already have insulation fitted on the ceilings or walls of your house, you can
either upgrade it or add some extra padding.

Also, insulation works both at colder
and hotter temperatures. It can help regulate the temperature inside; more
chilled when it’s summer, and warmer while it’s chilly outside.

Before fitting the insulation
materials, you may want to check the casing, and framing, for wetness before
installing. You can do a proper moisture testing first to ensure that the
humidity won’t impede the insulation’s ability to dry out.

to cotton sheets

Sheets made from satin or silk are not
ideal during summer nights. What you can do instead, is replace them with
sheets made from cotton. Choose light coloured cotton sheets because they are
slightly cooler.

The above tips are some of the best
yet practical tips to keep your home fresh, especially when there’s scorching
heat outside. Applying these tips can also help you save extra money since the
use of air conditioning systems, and light bulbs is minimised.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/WpFvhrjLPyg

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