4 Remodeling Ideas that will Add Luxury to Your Home

We can’t all have inherently glamorous homes, but if infinity pools, panoramic ocean views, and massive marble staircases are beyond your budget, you can still achieve luxury. Making a few remodeling changes can turn your average home into something worthy of the Hollywood Hills. Room-by-room, here are 4 of our favorite ideas.


1. From bedroom to boudoir


If your bedroom feels rich and elegant, you will too. Unfortunately, because the bedroom is least often seen by guests, it’s the room most often neglected during a home makeover.


Starting with the bed: take those wheels off the frame, nothing says déclassée like a bed that moves when you do.  Substitute wheels for permanent elevation and stability by building a wooden platform for the bed to reside upon.


Height is luxury, but so is privacy. Even if you don’t have a poster bed, draping enticing fabrics (sheer and silky pairs well with velour) from the ceiling will make you feel like royalty.


Now, add a rich, deep color paint to the walls, a full body stand alone mirror, a vanity, and a privacy screen for dressing behind, and of course a thick, round floor rug, and you’ll be all set.


2. Don’t dine in the kitchen


If you’re like many people, your extra room has become an unused “living room” or a paper-strewn office. Creating a separate dining area adds elegance to any space, and is  guaranteed to add luxury. French doors can replace a wall in places where access is tricky or awkward. These keep the room distinctly independent from the kitchen.


If you already have a dining room, here are a few ideas for improvement. First, a chandelier is essential, we recommend an antique for refinement. Second, consider the walls. It might seem counterintuitive, but the dining room is the perfect candidate for wallpaper (one wall, or framed segments only, the rest should be paint). While light colors are airy and refreshing, they do not speak to luxury. Finally, dark wood, and a deep color palette will make each meal taste like it’s served on silver.


3. Cook like a chef


Nothing says luxury like a second kitchen space. Call it a prep kitchen, a chef’s kitchen, or a caterer’s room, these are great for people who love cooking. These can be as extensive or simple as your budget and square footage allow, but they should definitely house the dishwasher, a second fridge, a big sink, and lot of counter space.


Situating this room in an adjacent position to the kitchen should also be a priority.


4. Bathe like royalty


When it comes to luxury, the bathroom is the single most important space. Here, no expense should be spared. Forget decor, creating an elegant bathroom is all about minimizing clutter, and creating a spa-like environment.

Out are ceramic tiles, in are natural stones. Gone are shower curtains, replaced with glass doors, or by spaces designed to eliminate the need for a door all together. Imagine showering behind a stone wall with a viewing portal, a bench seat, and two waterfall shower heads. 

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