4 Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many household plumbing problems start as small annoyances. Maybe they’re so mild that residents just sigh with frustration and continue with their days. Unfortunately, though, ignored plumbing issues can become much more severe and end up costing thousands of dollars, not to mention causing a lot of stress. Keep reading to learn about several plumbing faults that require prompt attention from professionals.
Toilets That Run Constantly

If there’s a toilet in your home that continues to run constantly after you flush it, you may have already gotten used to the sound and just tune it out. However, toilets already account for approximately 45 percent of a household’s total water usage, and if there’s a toilet in your home that runs all the time, it may waste up to a gallon of water per hour. If you’ve wondered why your water bill is higher than it used to be, a broken toilet may be to blame.
Low or Fluctuating Water Pressure

A lack of consistent, powerful water pressure can be extremely annoying, especially while you’re cooking or taking a shower. Whether your water pressure is always low or goes back and forth between normal and low pressure, these issues need to be investigated by a plumber. There are several things that can cause water pressure problems. Some of the most common are a low water supply, rusted pipes, and improperly installed pipes.
No Hot Water

When you suddenly go from having plentiful hot water to none at all, it may feel like your life has become chaotic. Numerous factors may cause water heater faults. Some may be as simple to resolve as sediment buildup in the water tank, or you may need a new part, such as when the problem is related to a broken heating element. A plumbing professional can advise you how to speedily fix the issue and restore your supply of hot water.
Toilet Blockages

Many people view a toilet as a way to quickly get rid of waste, even if it’s not the bodily variety. Without thinking, they throw many types of garbage down the toilet before flushing it, assuming those things will naturally break down. However, baby wipes, cotton balls, cat litter, and bandages are just a few things that can clog your plumbing system and cause blockages. Even liquefied substances may become solid once they’re flushed, and cause unforeseen problems.

A person who specializes in residential plumbing services is the best resource available when it comes to getting rid of severe toilet blockages. Some offer emergency service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you’ll never have to wait days for assistance. There are also companies that guarantee their services, which should offer peace of mind. When the technician is at your home, be sure to ask what caused the initial blockage and whether there are things you could do to prevent future problems.

Clearly, there are some plumbing problems you can’t afford to neglect. As soon as your plumbing system starts doing something out of the ordinary, contact a professional to investigate what’s going on.

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