3 Key Items You Should Never Overlook When Redecorating


by  Stacie Stacie Stacie 

Amateur interior-decorators devote endless hours to fretting over minute details, spend hundreds of pounds on unneeded embellishments and agonise for days over options separated by the breadth of a hair. However, it is amazing just how often that these same obsessive decorators will completely ignore key items within the rooms they are transforming. Either leaving them just as they were or not properly utilising just what a difference these items can make to the overall look and feel of any given room. This overlooking can be down to simple ignorance of the items importance or the perception that replacing or redoing the item will be too costly, either way neither is a proper excuse. So to make sure that you budding interior-decorators do not make the same mistake, here are 3 key items you should never overlook when redecorating.

  1. Doors

It may seem obvious but it is truly shocking just how many interior-decorators will hunt down the perfect wallpaper, draw blood for those ideal floorboards but won’t even think about changing the door that has been there for 20 years. Whilst, of course, if you can be creative and rejuvenate the door via repainting and replacing the handle, then do so but if the door cannot be altered or customized to suit the new interior, don’t be defeatist and just leave it there. Door suppliers are maintaining their high-quality craftsmanship whilst offering increasing competitive prices. For example, Todd Doors’ oak doors range has products for as little as under a £100. By getting either a solid and classic design that will subtly compliment the room or a loud and brash statement piece that will be the centre point, the right door can really make all the difference to a room. They also work as excellent transition pieces and can really influence, in either a positive or negative way, the flow of you house.

  1. Light Switches/Plug Sockets

Often thought of as a complicated or technical refurbishment, the reality is that in the same way that anyone can change a lightbulb, anyone can change a light switch or plug socket especially with YouTube channels like Ultimate Handyman offering blow-by-blow tutorials of how to do it. So, you don’t have to be lumbered with those chipped white plastic numbers that take the edge of the expensive and sophisticated look you achieved throughout the rest of the room. There are varieties of styles available from flashy gold numbers to chic chrome fixtures; selecting one will create the perfect finish to your room. Furthermore, for vintage lovers, why not go down to your local boot-sale and see what retro treats you may find! Although make sure to get them properly rewired before trying to install them.

  1. Radiators

Admittedly not as easily or as cheaply removed or replaced as either doors or sockets but still an item which is a massive point of focus yet is often overlooked. Whilst, no-one is suggesting that you rip-out your old radiator necessarily, it doesn’t have to be kept in exactly the same condition. Why not paint it a vibrant or bright colour to really make it pop or, for the more subtle decorators out-there, either buy or build a radiator cover more in keeping with the new theme and vibe of the room.

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