Protect Your Window Coverings from Cat Damage by Installing Blinds

As of 2012, almost two-thirds of American households owned pets. Among these pet owners, 36.5% owned at least one dog and 30.4% owned at least one cat. Of course, plenty of people cohabitate with a mixture of dogs and cats in their homes. Within any home that includes a dog or cat, the owner needs to keep in mind the potential destructive effects of teeth and claws when considering options for interior decorating. Puppies, as well as older dogs, enjoy chewing on furniture. The can tear through Read more [...]

Making The Most Of Your Space: How To Make Extra Storage In Your Bedroom

A small bedroom presents a challenge that many people understand: space. Humans do have a tendency to hoard objects of necessity and interest, from clothing and books to collectables and shoes. Wanting to have all of these things with us in our bedroom usually leaves us with a lot of clutter and very little space. What’s worse than bedroom clutter is our inability to locate the things we need at any given time. If this situation leaves you scratching your head, then you should seriously start Read more [...]

When to Roll Up Your Sleeves and DIY

Before I bought my first house, I didn’t fancy myself very “handy”. And I guess I still don’t, but I’m a lot better than I used to be. After a year and a half of living in a fixer upper, my wife and I have learned a lot of new skills, and our house equity has been increased significantly by work we didn’t know how to do just a couple of years ago. But there are some jobs even I won’t tackle. It’s important to know when to get some industrial supplies from Gotstock and when to leave Read more [...]

3 Key Items You Should Never Overlook When Redecorating

by  Stacie Stacie Stacie  Amateur interior-decorators devote endless hours to fretting over minute details, spend hundreds of pounds on unneeded embellishments and agonise for days over options separated by the breadth of a hair. However, it is amazing just how often that these same obsessive decorators will completely ignore key items within the rooms they are transforming. Either leaving them just as they were or not properly utilising just what a difference these items can make to the overall Read more [...]

Creating A Garden For The Whole Family

When it comes to your home, it stands to reason that you are going to want somewhere that the whole family can be happy. Of course, every family is different so there are no set rules for what is considered perfect. Instead, what you need to do is think about the needs of your family and create something perfect. One of the biggest things to take into account is the garden and what you are going to do with it. If you have young children then it is important to create a space that is the perfect Read more [...]

When DIY is the Best Option

If you are like me, there’s a lot of work to be done on your house. My wife and I bought a fixer-upper, and we’ve managed to add a lot of equity to the house. But we still don’t have molding, a save staircase, insulation in the attic, and many many other little things. When we bought the house, we (like you?) didn’t know much about household repairs. I’ve learned a lot, but have gotten down to jobs I’m not as comfortable performing myself. Still, it’s really expensive to get these jobs Read more [...]

The Relationship Between Youth Leadership and Youth Development

Both youth leadership and youth development programs, such as the National Citizens Service (NCS) The Challenge, have been proven effective in shaping the personal growth of their youth participants. Such is the close relationship between the two types of youth-targeted programs that both builds on the success of the other. The two terms are also frequently interchanged but there are differences that must be noted especially for policy makers and program implementers. On one hand, youth development Read more [...]

A timber garage could improve your home, garden and your mood

As the first autumn winds and rains arrive, don’t you wish your car was less exposed to the elements? And don’t you also wish you had more garden storage? Bikes and outdoor furniture all fare better indoors in autumn, and a winter garden looks less desolate with the jetsam of summer living stored safely inside. Your car too would benefit from some shelter. There’d be less risk of gales blowing your neighbours’ bins into the car and denting a door or wing. And you’d no longer waste precious Read more [...]

Perfect Flooring to Finish off Perfect Home Improvements

So, you’ve chosen a colour scheme for your walls, you’ve found the perfect furniture to complement the room’s general look and you’ve splashed out on the ideal lighting to give the overall effect a touch of class, but what will you do about the floor? How will you make sure the wow effect is just as wow when you look down as well as up? It’s a sad fact that too many people stretch their creative talents on the walls, ceilings and contents without giving enough thought to the floors. It’s Read more [...]

Increase Your Curb Appeal the Easy Way

The curb appeal of a home is one of the most important aspects of it when selling. If your curb appeal isn’t up to scratch, people won’t even want to look inside your house, let alone buy it. By increasing your curb appeal and making your home look inviting from the outside, you can then concentrate on making an impression from the inside. It isn’t hard to do either! Clean Your Car If you have a car, make sure it looks nice and clean. Although you’d never sell this with your Read more [...]